Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chuck Bass is in town!

He's just arrived in Sydney to promote a phone! Rough flight ED????

It's Time!

The day has dawned - finally!  Tonight at 12.01 we will be indulging in a festa of teen angst and Vampire drama!  Bring it on!!
For those of you who are joining us at the Sun Theatre we will be happily ensconsed at The Yarra Lounge (Ballarat Street Y'ville) from 9.00pm onwards.  Come on, you know you want to see it and what better way than curled up in your ugg boots and blankets at The Sun?
J & K

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hellcats is an upcoming American television cheerleading comedy-drama series for The CW starring Alyson Michalka (Bandslam), Ashley Tisdale (H.S.M.), and Matt Barr (O.T.H). The show is based on the book Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders by journalist Kate Torgovnick. The series is described as "Election meets Bring It On".

How seriously up my alley does that sound?  And to top it off it is being produced by 'Tom Welling Productions' - that's right Superman is producing it!
Check it out and see what you think...

New guilty pleasure

I love a guilty pleasure watch. They are most often found later in the evening while flicking around the channels. eg Secret diary of a call girl etc. Well I think my newest guilty pleasure is HUNG. I've watched a couple of eps and while it's not the best show ever, it is most watchable. And now that I have seen the following picture, I feel compelled to watch. The star of the show, Thomas Jane (mr patricia arquette) turned up to the series 2 premiere in LA last night in toe sneakers!!! You may recall our fave hot bogan, Chan, likes to get about in these 'shoes' as well.

If you do happen to find this show on your tv travels, look for the girl who plays his daughter, and try to think where the hell you have seen her before.......she played the bogan daughter on Neighbours Bree Timmins. Her name is Sianoa Smit-McPhee and she is the sister of Kodi, who starred in Romulus my father with Eric Bana and The Road with Viggo.

Karl looked hot this morning....rocking a vest!!!!

Speaking of Harry Potter

...check out what our good friend Emma Watson has been up to. (currently dating lead singer of the band!)

Not long now...........

Saturday, June 26, 2010

For Lesley....

Ahh, the wonderful Dax! What to watch??

Well, seriously, straight to no. 1 with a bullet is PARENTHOOD , which I know you are all over. He is great in this!

My fave Dax movie prior to this was ZATHURA. Technically, probably a kid's film, but it is directed by Jon Favreau ( a legend actor and director - I first saw him in SWINGERS and he has been working his magic in Hoollywodd ever since) ZATHURA also stars Tim Robbins and a sulking Kristen Stewart, pre TWILIGHT. A fun film , and Dax is pretty cute!

The other thing I used to watch Dax in was PUNK'D, when it was new and cool and fun. He was basically Ashton's minion. Ashton would tell him via ear piece what he wanted him to do, which led to some extremely amusing moments. Here is part of the clip where he punks Justin Timberlake. He made him cry!!!

For Marcos

For Penelope

saturday is fantasy day - the letter P

Ever Wondered What Rai Looks Like Without The Hair??

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sophia and Austin - Hearts of Gold

Lately Sophia Bush and Austin Nicholls have been on a twitter rampage trying to drum up support and awareness of the gulf oil disaster.  Now they have put their words in to action and headed down to survey the area themselves.  They are actively trying to learn about the nature of the spill and what they can do to stop it. They surveyed the land and talked to locals, trying to understand as much as they could the reach of the damage.
They have been posting photos to their Facebook pages and it's quite an eye opener. (Austin, Sophia)
Fabulous to see people with a media profile using it to benefit a cause other than themselves.  Well done guys.


it came up earlier in the week, for what reason i cannot think of right now, and then tonight, here it is on cable, begging to be watched. So I give in, and I'm watching it........Cast has fave Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon, Robert Wagner, Bill murray, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards. The story sounds like it maybe ok, part thriller, part high school mystery, but then I read it described as 'erotic thriller' and it makes me feel dirty for watching it!! There is a bit of girl on girl action and we do get to see Kevin's bacon!!!! Thriller, yes, good twist, yes, trashy, well hell yes! Recommended for teenage boys and people looking for a good laugh!!!!

What Do You Think Of Rob?

Is his choice of maroon suit for the LA premiere of Eclipse a hit or a miss?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

By George I Think She's Got It

NEW YORK - JUNE 16: Actress Alexis Bledel attends the premiere of 'I Am Love' at the School of Visual Arts Theater on June 16, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Lovely again Alexis

Miley's Had The Chop

I was checking out these shots of Miley performing at The House Of Blues when I realised that finally she has had a haircut.  Yay!!  I was waiting for the day that she ditched the extensions - now hopefully others (Vanessa) will follow suit.

Turns out I'd missed this news by a couple of days - she spent the day at the salon on Sunday and she looks fabulous.  Good move Miley.

Liam at Letterman Last Week

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going the Distance????

What do we think? Kinda cute? Non?

The new Ren Mccormack

well, well, well

Was just perusing a list of 'hot boys on the box' (well that's what I called it), and thinking of who would make my list........and while researching, the name of Taye Diggs popped up (well possibly more than his name). Try and tell me he is not one of the best looking boys around. He got Stella's groove back and I'm sure he could give mine a good helping along!!!! Anyway, I digress! Amongst my research I discover that he is married to Idina Menzel. Idina Menzel, you ask. She just happens to be Rachel's mum on GLEE. They have actually been married for over 7 years after meeting on stage in a production of RENT, and have one child called Walker.

Taye is not actully his real name. It's Scott. But his crazy friends called him Scottaye and then it just ended up being shortened to Taye. Fascinating right?!

must get back to making my list of 'hot boys on the box'!


We've ben waiting for this one for awhile, here is the trailer.....

Hits cinemas in September.....

Some classic lines in this. I do have some concerns in regards to Penn Badgley playing the 'boy'. I don't want to have to like him!!!

one last thing,anyone under the age of 20 reading this, can you please let me know if girls are still reading Judy Blume???

Another High School Musical?

Not quite but Disney has announced the cast of their upcoming teen dramedy, Prom. Producers say the movie will have the "mold" of High School Musical, but the feel of classic John Hughes' coming-of-age tales.(think Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club...)  How good does that sound?  We were only recently lamenting the lack of great teen flicks since the Hughes era and low and behold - PROM.

The cast is made up of relatively unknown actors but if this movie takes off they won't stay that way.  God I hope there's a Zac Efron talent hiding in their somewhere - could lightening actually strike twice?

 The lucky up-and-comers are Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell, Danielle Campbell, Nolan Sotillo, Yin Chang, Jared Kusnitz, Nicholas Braun, Ben Esler, Kylie Bunbury, and DeVaughn Nixon.  Yep - never heard of them but we will be following closely never fear!

Danielle Campbell

Tom McDonell

Aimee Teegarden
(are those boobs serious?)

Nicholas Braun

Actually Nick Braun has been in heaps of things I have seen (but no one else over the age of 12 has) Princess Protection Agency, 10 Things I Hate About You (TV) Sky High and he is going to be in CHALET GIRL with Sophia Bush!! Maybe I actually do know some of the others.....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

after the wedding....

If you are a fan of Scandinavian film or at least of Mads Mikkelsen, you should give this film a watch. Danish films always feel so real. this is not a Dogme film, but it definitely has many aspects of one. it's lovely and and you are slowly drawn into the lives of it's characters. It was nominated for best foreign film at the Academy Awards a couple of years back, but didn't win. Sadly, it looks as though it may be adapted into an American version, along the lines of BROTHERS and OPEN HEARTS have/will be. Make sure you enjoy this version before that happens
Jeg elsker Dig Mads Mikkelsen!!!!

Join us.... Wednesday 30th June......The Sun Theatre

Yep, still in maui

too cute

Their dogs are as cute and kooky as them.

Can't wait to see more of Dax in the wonderful PARENTHOOD
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