Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Cupid

Sometimes there are movies that just have to be watched regardless of how potentially dodgy they may be.  You may be compelled due to a certain actor, a topic that's of personal interest or , like in the case of 'The Prince and I 3', just to see how bad a franchise can actually get before it implodes!  
The movie I am sharing with you today falls in to the category of - 'I have to watch it because he's in it' category.  A perfect example of this category is Zac Efron in 'The Derby Stallion'.  

Now even I know this is not a great film but I watched it (and own it) purely because it has Zac in it.  
Which brings us to 'Christmas Cupid', a made for TV movie starring Christina Milian and Ashley Benson - but most importantly CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY.  There it is!  The reason.  I am a C.M.M. fan and proud to out myself as such. We have missed him since he and Peyton drove off into the sunset on One Tree Hill so any sighting is better than nothing - so please enjoy the trailer for CHRISTMAS CUPID...

 I do not particularly suggest you rush out and watch this movie - it's not appalling but it is a good mid-day movie.  Chad is of course fabulous (please take my bias in to consideration) and Christina is OK.  The stand out being Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars who makes a very appealing coked up movie starlet.

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