Sunday, February 28, 2010



We all love a Darcy, but which Darcy do you love the most.


Colin Firth (technically a double darcy!)

Matthew McFadyen

Martin Henderson


Now that is some serious film, right there!!! Probably a discussion for a later date. However, watching the film, loving Nurse John, knowing the face, then boom, it hits me, it's LENNY KRAVITZ! I did not know he was in this film. So cool!

This shot only due to not so much pyramidalis action of late, so thought I would include it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kirsten in Japan.......

Because I Can -

Miley's song that features in her new movie - The Last Song - and also stars her BF, Liam Hemsworth. It's worth watching just to see the two of them.
There's new footage of the film so you know what I'll be posting next...

By the way this is the song that I belt out when I'm home alone! Try it! It feels good.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Did I Miss This Link??

Billy Burke who plays Bella's dad, Charlie Swan in the Twilight series is also 'Alex Lesman', Lorelai's coffee loving boyfriend on Gilmore Girls! Here's some shots of Billy with wife Pollyanna Rose and their daughter Bluesy Larou Burke.

Chad Michael Murray - Hello!

We haven't seen much of our old friend Chad since he left One Tree Hill. I kind of miss the little dirt bag (see Sophia for details). He was seen out and about without the new scrubber at the Data Awards recently. It’s been rumoured that Chad has taken the lead role in a film called Paradi$e, an action / family drama flick, but as yet there’s no confirmed word.
'Bout time we saw him in something new.

Sophia Bush Affects Others The Same Way!

Due to my love of all things 'Bush', I was reading various blogs metioning the lovely lady and came across this particularly hilarious one. This man has captured perfectly how I would feel about Sophia if I was a bloke! And it made me giggle!

'Sophia Bush showed up to Fashion Week in NYC and when he saw her, my penis did that thing where he giggled then punched me in the arm, because he thinks she's the most freakin adorable thing in Hollywood. She makes me want to learn calligraphy so I can write her love letters that I read to her while she's eating chocolate strawberries in the rose petal and champagne bath I made for her. Of course, then I'd bend her over a couch and use her hair as reins, too, but then it would be out of love you see. I'm so romantic! '

Lovely lauren

It's getting closer. The start of Lauren's new tv series, PARENTHOOD. Here she is looking lovely at the premiere with a couple of her cast members, including J's fave, Dax!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Much excitement

Zac is to be a presenter at the Oscars!

And in further Zac news........

"High School Musical Vanessa Hudgens star wants to marry her long time boyfriend Zac Efron who stared with her in High School Musical but according to a disappointed Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron does not want to marry her.

Vanessa Hudgens has told friends she would love to marry Zac and has even spoken to her boyfriend about making their relationship permanent but according to sources close to the star, every time she mentions marriage to Zac Efron, he says no.

“Zac Efron is obviously head over heals in love with Vanessa Hudgens”, A close friend has said, “but he is putting his career first and does not want to get married until he is in his early thirties or late twenties.”

This will not be music to Vanessa ears, which apparently bores her friends with talk about marriage and says her boyfriend would make the ideal husband."

And there's more......


More homework....

Here's some more homework for you.

Stand up.
Put your hands around your waist.
Do they nearly touch? Like Renee's below???
Of course they don't.

Too skinny Renee!!!!!

I have a question for you....

I love kate winslet. Always have. i think she is a great actor and seems pretty cool. her attitude has always impressed me, especially when it comes to size and the natural woman. Now here comes the question......Have a look at this photo.....natural?....there's something not quite right. she looks different? do you think so? Or is it just some makeup trickery? I don't want to feel sad about my kate, so your opinions will be most appreciated!

Deleted Scene - 17 Again

I love a deleted scene especialy when it involves Zac doing 80's dancing!

Vanity Fair's Hot List

Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue features their list of stars to watch. This year two Aussies have made the list - Abbie Cornish (she who did the dirty on Reece) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice In Wonderland). Also featured are - Kristen (grumpy pants) Stewart, the very 'Educated' Carey Mulligan, Amanda(Mumma Mia)Seyfried, Rebecca Hall (Vicki Christina Barcelona), Emma Stone (Zombieland), Evan Rachel (freaky taste in men)Wood and Anna Kendrick (Twilight's Jessica).

Thank You Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Underwear's spring campaign features none other than Kellan Lutz, the Vampire with the pecs from god!
To celebrate this wonderful wonderful campaign that gives us joy every year I thought we'd have a look back at other campaigns and see who our favourite is. If I've missed your favourite let me know and I'll add him to the line-up.
Kellan Lutz

Travis Fimmel

Jamie Dornan

Garrett Neff

Freddie Ljungberg

Djimon Aounsou

Marky Mark
Now it's decision time - who are you going home with??

Zac Stuck

Zac Efron has revealed that he was “mortified” when he got accidentally trapped in a theatre seat during the filming of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Zac said the filming was put on hold for some time so that his foot could be rescued
“I don’t know how it happened but my foot slipped through a theatre seat during filming and I couldn’t get it out. It was so funny because they had to take the seat apart to rescue my foot. The cameras had to stop rolling and people were brought on set to unscrew the bottom of the chair. I was mortified.”

Here it is for your enjoyment (and mine).

Monday, February 22, 2010


I've spent hours trying to find my favourite dress at the BAFTAs and I have to say that there was not one that took my fancy.
People have been raving about Carey Mulligan's dress, and although it's fine I think that it is only the best because everyone else looks pretty average.

Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter) looks Ok...
as do the lovely Colin Firth and his wife.
But what is the big fuss about Rob Pattinson - wash your hair boy!

All over Red Rover!!!

Apparently Abbie and Ryan are no more!!!!

W.T.F. - Turn away now if you have a delicate stomach

Micky Rourke at the BAFTAs

Guy Pearce at the BAFTAs

The BAFTA's have been and gone and it was lovely to see a Melbourne boy doing the honours and presenting a category. I'm sure K will give us a rundown on the evening but I'm off to find my favourite dress of the night - I'll let you know.
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