Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This girl makes me look like an amateur....

This chick is basically publicly stalking Leo while he is in Australia to film THE GREAT GATSBY. While, I am a tad jealous, as I would love as Leo sighting, especially since Blake is apparently here as well, but seriously, i think she just wants her head on tv.

Watch her Sunrise appearance here. S€eriously a little crazy!

Do you like your men a little bit hot and dangerous?

If so, check out Tom Hardy in the latest DAZED AND CONFUSED magazine......

The Ides of March new clip

I have a feeling that Ryan is going to be pretty amazing in this film. Screening at the Venice Film Festival in the next week, so should start to hear what it is like soon.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stunning Blake

I know this is old news - BAFTAs in July - but I think this is my favourite fashion moment so far this year....
Blake looks absolutely stunning.  The hair, the Marchesa gown, the sun kissed skin, that smile and did I mention the hair?! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interesting Article on Anne Hathaway's casting as Emma Morley in the filn ONE DAY


Written by Matilda Battersby for THE INDEPENDENT UK.

Having decided to forgive the movie adaptation of David Nicholls’ international bestseller One Day for the crime of giving away the entire plot in the trailer I went along to a preview screening of the movie which hits cinemas today. Like many fans of the book, I howled in horror when American actress Anne Hathaway was cast as witty Yorkshire lass Emma Morley. But, (again) prepared to forgive and forget the miscasting of a woman Jan Moir described in yesterday’s Daily Mail as “about as frumpy and ee-bah-gum as Beyonce”, in the role of the slightly chubby, dorky Emma, I went along.

The verdict? In an otherwise commendable performance Hathaway spoke in every possible English accent, veering from broad Northern to clipped RP and occasionally American. It doesn’t spoil the film, during which I opened my tissue packet twice, but this controversial piece of casting has overshadowed the film release of a book which has sold over a million copies in this country alone.

Meeting Nicholls, who also wrote the screenplay, I asked what he thought about the horrified way his readers (women in particular, I think) have reacted to the idea of Hathaway as Morley. “Well, I think it’s always hard, isn’t it?” he said. “On all the films I’ve worked on the actors cast do not necessarily look the same as the characters on the page. But I think that’s fine, it’s inevitable in adaptation. Anne actually brings out, and has herself, a lot of Emma’s qualities – the awkwardness, watchfulness and intelligence. So, I understand the controversy but I wish it hadn’t taken place before anyone has seen the film. Because that seems a prejudice.”

Problems with her English accent aside, Hathaway has a vulnerability and sassiness which works well. She is very funny after all. I went into the cinema appalled and determined to disapprove (yes, with that prejudice Nicholls speaks of) and left it less appalled but not entirely won over. I think it’s her doe eyed beauty which does it. Without meaning to (the poor girl can’t help being so pretty), Hathaway lends the movie a twinkle of Hollywood with every flash of her perfect white teeth. It is impossible to believe that she lives in a London bedsit, dates a no-hoper comedian called Ian (a brilliant turn by Rafe Spall) and spends two years of her life serving up refried slop in a Mexican restaurant.

In case you haven’t yet read the book (where have you been?), it is the story of the friendship between Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess) played out on the same day every year for two decades. Starting in 1988 when they end up in bed together after celebrating their graduation from Edinburgh University (see clip, above), the book narrates the twists and turns of a not always easy, or platonic, but deeply valuable and believable relationship as they grow from extreme youth toward middle age. Probably because of Nicholls’ hands-on approach, the film is as true to the book, in structure and script at least, as is possible.

“The first thing you lose when you put things onscreen is that inner monologue, the voice in a character’s head that explains why they’re doing what they’re doing and makes them likeable, or bearable, to a reader if they’re behaving badly – Emma and Dexter are not always at their best in the book. But onscreen you have to leave that to the actors. So that was the hardest loss,” Nicholls said.

He is keen to stress that the film is not a “Hollywood version” of the story. “No-one ever said to me ‘Does Dexter really need to be so obnoxious?’ or ‘Does this scene really have to be so dark?’ We weren’t encouraged to knock the corners off to make things softer or easier. It isn’t actually a big budget production and neither was it a case of Hollywood swooping in on a well-loved book, because we started making the film before the book was even published in most countries. We made it for a pretty low budget, pretty quickly because we wanted to stay true to the book.”

The “one day” the tale takes place on is St. Swithin’s Day, 15 July, related to some crooked tradition stating that if it rains on this day it will rain for forty days. “I chose St. Swithin’s Day because it had to be a date the characters could refer to if they needed to, but it had to be a normal day not Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. It’s sort of our equivalent of Ground Hog Day. Of course it’s nonsense. It’s a very inept way of predicting the future and, of course, that’s what the book is all about.”

In the romantic comedy genre Morley is a refreshing change from the Hollywood stereotype of humourless woman who infantilises her lover/husband, is stressed out and bossy and obsessed with material things. The positivity and realism with which Nicholls drew Morley’s character is a massive part of her appeal, and her middling-to-good attractiveness depending on where we are in the story is a major part of this. She wins the hopeless, arrogant, womanising Dexter over and makes him into a decent human being through their friendship - not by batting her beautiful eyelashes.

“I didn’t want to write another goofy guy and wisecracking girl. Men and women in a lot of romantic comedy have been pushed into opposing camps. The women are ultra-feminine and obsessed with shopping; and the men are kind of slobby and only ever want to spend time with other men and talk about football. I didn’t recognise this in real life. Most of my best friends are female and they are interested in politics and not that bothered about shoes. I wanted to write someone who wasn’t cut from the same cloth as the conventional female characters.”

His success in doing so has placed the bar very high indeed for Hathaway.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cloud Atlas

I always love a good film adaptation of a novel so the news that Cloudstreet is being adapted was very welcome. 

Cloud Atlas, the ambitious literary adaptation being co-written and co-directed by The Matrix siblings Andy and Lana Wachowski and German helmer Tom Tykwer (Run, Lola, Run, The International) is set to begin shooting mid-to-late September at Germany’s Studio Babelsberg.

What was even more welcome was the news that they have cast.... JIM STURGESS!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love a good surf movie....DRIFT

Set in the 1960's and 70's Drift is inspired by the true story of Australia's legendary surf communities and the rise of the global surf brands during this era. The character-based action-drama will be co-directed by Morgan O'Neill (Solo, upcoming feature The Factory) and Ben Nott in his feature film debut, with the shoot spanning across six weeks.

The story of the two Kelly Brothers will be played by Myles Pollard (Wolverine, McLeod's Daughters) and Xavier Samuel (Twlight Eclipse, The Loved Ones), alongside international Australian star Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Terminator Salvation) as a travelling surf photographer and filmmaker. Lesley- Ann Brandt (Memphis Beat, CSI: NY) plays his Hawaiian surfer companion. Also joining them are Robyn Malcolm (Outrageous Fortune), Steve Bastoni (Underbelly, Neighbours) and Aaron Glenane (The Black Balloon).

Drift follows the Kelly brothers after their mother escapes from Sydney to Margaret River in the 1970's, where the brothers spend their youth searching for the perfect wave. Out of necessity the family launch a backyard surf business - re-thinking board design, crafting homemade wetsuits and selling merchandise out of their van. Battling big waves, small town conservatism and criminals, the brothers give rise to a global brand. A story of passion, corruption, friendship and loyalty, deadly addictions and fractured relationships, Drift tells a tale of courage and the will to survive at all odds. Releasing sometime in 2012.

BREAKING NEWS for Breaking In

IT'S BACK!!  Looks like we've done it - power to the people and kudos to 'Save Breaking In' facebook page and all the other avenues that fought for this show.

This is the second improbable return for Breaking In. 
Despite raking as Fox’s highest testing pilot back in 2009, the network passed.  In a clever move Sony kept the project alive by extending the options on the cast. Fox then ordered 2 additional scripts, and in November, the network gave Breaking In a seven-episode midseason order, but in May the network canceled the show before it had finished its run. Sony once again fought on. And, in a promising sign that the network had faith in the show and was open to reconsidering its decision, it joined Sony TV in shouldering the cost for extending the cast’s options and then put Breaking In on the list of contenders for its 2-hour midseason comedy block.

By surviving cancellation twice, Breaking In would join Family Guy as the only shows ever to do it.

The entire cast is expected to come back, including Odette Annable, who recently joined House as a new regular with a deal that includes provisions allowing her to also appear on Breaking In.

What a privilege it is to have Christian Slater back on our screens and if he doesn't sell it for you - watch it to see Michael Rosenbaum's genius turn as Dutch.  You won't regret it.

Thanks for the info -

Happy Birthday

Rupert Grint is turning 23 - thanks for 10 years of watching you grow into the Ron Weasley we love so much.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MANNEQUIN followed by CLASS on Foxtel right now!!!! That's some Andrew McCarthy gold right there....and a glimpse of that mighty fine Rob Lowe.

Also didn't remember that James Spader was in MANNEQUIN. What wasn't he in?????

So if you are an Andrew McCarthy fan, or you like watching grown men shag life size dolls, flick over now!!!!

From the "Before they were famous" file

Back in 2004 when she still went by Emily and was trying to make it big in Hollywood, The Help star Emma Stone competed in a VH1 talent show competition called In Search of the Partridge Family. Listen as a raven-haired Stone belts out a rendition of "We Belong" with fellow competitor Alexis Mero, and watch out for her toned down take on the Celine Dion chest pound. While Stone ended up winning the role of Laurie on the competition, VH1 only aired the pilot episode.

Two things, didn't know she was Emily, and oh my god, how could a show called 'in search of the partridge family not have worked????

My real life hero!!!!

Hollywood star Ryan Gosling has been filmed breaking up a street fight in New York.

Two men were fighting on 8th Street in the Manhattan neighbourhood of East Village when Gosling, star of The Notebook, appeared through a group of bystanders to separate the pair.

Gosling dropped a bag he was carrying in the middle of the street to move the men away from each and out of the way of traffic.

The woman filming the incident does not know who the mystery man is until a friend informs her it is "the guy from the movie… The Notebook".

"Are you serious?! Am I really filming this right now," the woman replied.

He then apparently took them to the curb and tried to work out what they were fighting over, even handing over a $20 note from his own pocket to ease the situation.

Although it is not known when the incident happened, the clip was uploaded onto YouTube on August 20.

Gosling has been in up-state New York shooting his new film The Place Beyond The Pines alongside Australian actress Rose Byrne.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A little Liam update

It's really been about Chris lately, with a little Liam on the side, so here is a quick pic of Liam and his lady love on the weekend.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Avengers

It's always going to be a good day when it starts with pictures of Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume!  These pics have surfaced from the set of the Avengers and show Thor and Captain America teaming up to fight some bad guys.  At the moment the baddies are stunt guys wearing C.G.I. gear but you get the idea.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Harry's Got A Girlfriend

But he's not giving much away except that he is very much in love and happy to see where it leads.  for the moment she is 'Daniel's Mystery Lady'.  Whoever she is I bet he's keeping her entertained - she's a lucky lady.

Breaking Dawn Part 1

There is a new Dreaking Dawn Part 1 poster out so I thought while we were at it we should take a look at some of the stills that have been released for the film...  are you getting excited about it's release or are you over it already?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Root, Shoot, Marry wizard style!

Haven't done one of these for awhile! But they are fun!!!!

Before we say goodbye to HArry forever, lets just get our feelings sorted about the wizards!!!

The choose! Harry, Ron, Neville. ROOT SHOOT OR MARRY!




GO FOR IT!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Footloose

Here are some stills from the 2011 version of Footloose.  By posting these we are in no way condoning the making of this movie (although I have to admit I will definitely be going to see it!  I know I'm a sellout especially given my horror at the Dirty Dancing news but .... dancing, cowboy boots, cute boys, how can I not?)
By the way my fellow editor - Dancing In Beaumont - feels about this movie the way I feel about D.D. so don't expect her to capitulate as easily as me, besides I have a girl-crush on Julianne Hough so I have an excuse.

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