Thursday, August 18, 2011

Root, Shoot, Marry wizard style!

Haven't done one of these for awhile! But they are fun!!!!

Before we say goodbye to HArry forever, lets just get our feelings sorted about the wizards!!!

The choose! Harry, Ron, Neville. ROOT SHOOT OR MARRY!




GO FOR IT!!!!!


Cool Rider said...

Oh my god this is sooo hard. It would have been more simple before Neville got a little bit hot. I'm going to have to go by their wizard personalities - ROOT - Ron! It would have to be quick and dirty, maybe up against the wall of Honeydukes then a laugh and a butterbeer or two before never speaking of it again.

SHOOT - sorry Neville but your hangdog look would eventually make me want to push you out a window.

MARRY - Harry of course. smart, resourceful, little bit angsty, and besides he saved the freak'n world, that's sooo hot.
Things could get a little akward when Ron's around now that we have done the deed but maybe Harry will never find out!

Phew there you go - this has made me feel a little wrong though and I now need to take a moment to absorb.

dancing in beaumont said...

It may be wrong, but it made me laugh alot!!

Lizeylou said...

You guys are funny!!!

I think
root Neville -
Marry Ron and
shoot Harry - does that make me bad that I want to shoot Harry Potter???

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