Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Heard a rumour that BANDSLAM may be watchable. Who knew??? Well J did actually!!!

it's all about me.....

Therefore I am allowed to post Matt as often as i like. Him and Luciana popped out for dinner the other night in LA. so cute. But notice the cute tanned freckly nose from his holiday in hawaii (see post from last week!!!) And now for the best news of all, he is going to do a cameo on the new season of ENTOURAGE. Life is good. That means that series 6 of one of my very favourite shows ever is going to star both matt and Zac. TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

What's Going On At Hogwarts?

Wooow! I totally agree K. That is a whole side of Daniel that I didn't know was there. It got me thinking that maybe Harry's mates might also be holding out on us.
This is what I found!! I'm quite shocked really and think I need to go and have a lie down.

i knew he was cute and funny.........

but sexy...Non????

Twitter Update - Kevin Rudd after ROVE

I'm now confirmed in my determination to remain a fashion dork.
from web

Sunday, June 28, 2009

retro sunday

Retro music this week. Everyone knows the song SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT, well my Corey sang it. I so loved Corey Hart. I bought every album and single just for the cover pictures of him! I know you are wondering how many singles could that be, it was many people! Those not knowing may be shocked and surprised at the talents and hits that Corey had! 'It ain't enough', 'never surrender', and the classic cover of 'can't help falling in love'. Corey is Canadian ( i actually looked him up in the phone book when I went there, didn't find him!!!!) but now lives in the Bahamas with his 'wife' (should have been me!) and his four kids. He writes songs for others, which is quite lucrative folks, especially when it is for people like Celine Dion(don't hold this against him!!!) A few years back he did re release 'sunglasses' with a groovy young band. His thoughts on this collaboration " In my opinion nothing will ever replace the magical innocence of the original but then again this is not the purpose here...I'm always searching for discovery that intention can't find...cool again. "

Even stinking little Miley has sampled this song in one of her hits!

Ok, so now I go to a place, that could be a little scary!!! He came to Melbourne in 2004. he played at 3XY's Rocktober. Other guests that year included Skyhooks, Australian Crawl, Richard Clapton, Uncanny X-men, Kids in the Kitchen, The Radiators, Electric pandas . Too exciting. But how exciting was it when a few months later, while watching Solid Gold, I notice that he still has his 3XY all access pass on his denim jacket. Photo evidence below!!!

So here's to Corey, whose photos covered my bedroom walls and whose songs filled my vinyl collection!

This is the most recent photo I could find approx 2002.

corey hart sunglasses at night
Uploaded by iowaluder. - See the latest featured music videos.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gossip Girl is Privileged

After the demise of our very, very favourite show - Gilmore Girls (all hail the Gilmore's) we consoled ourselves with the goings on in Alaska on 'Men In Trees'. The bastards at Australian television land saw fit to mess with the show and our joy was short lived.
We then discovered that Rina Mimoun, who worked on the last season of Gilmore Girls was the executive producer on a new show -PRIVILEGED
"It's very much 'What if the Gilmore Girls were teaching the Gossip Girls?'" said Rina.
Sounded good to us so we tried it on for size. Very enjoyable, of course not a patch on the Gilmore's but it filled part of the gap.

Where am I going with this you may be asking? Well....

It has been confirmed that Joanna Garcia, star of Privileged (which has been cancelled by the way) is appearing in a four-episode storyline on Gossip Girl as a love interest for Chace Crawford's alter ego, Nate Archibald.

Joanna Garcia will be playing the character of Bree Buckley, an irreverent, slightly evil Miss America-type who hails from a conservative Southern family. She will join the cast when it airs again next season.

How fun is that? From Gilmore Girls to Gossip Girl with one degree of separation, plus we will get to see more of Joanna and hopefully Nate will get a worthy storyline. It's all win-win.

Bad Day?

This may be a little left of center but I am a big fan of the incomparable Tim Minchin. I am in awe of him as a master wordsmith and love his smart comedy.
If today has been a bit average for you check out this song of Tim's

saturday is fantasy day

Always fantasised about him and always will. I've always loved him and always will.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Everyone's Angel

Good bye Farrah - R.I.P

Young Hollywood Awards

Earlier this month the Young Hollywood Awards were held so I thought I'd mention a couple of the winners. These awards are apparently considered the young version of the Oscars and therefore carry quite a lot of weight.
First up is Ed Westwick, our fav' Gossip Girl bad boy. He won Young Hollywood Breakthrough Male.

Rumer Willis won for Young Hollywood Breakthrough Female

Evan Rachel Wood won Young Hollywood Superstar

But the one that had me totally stumped was Annalynne McCord (90210) who won the Young Hollywood Award for Superstar Of Tomorrow!!!!

Obviously I am missing something here as I had her pegged as possibly the worst actress of the year. Best I give her another viewing and see if I can work out why she won this award!

Previous winners of this category include... Jessica Alba, Shia Labeouf, Rachael McAdams, Josh Duhamel. Anna in this category?? I'm not convinced. Your thoughts please.

More Miley News - thanks Kiki

Curtesy Herald Sun -

HUGH Jackman is set to team with teen queen Miley Cyrus in a tween version of The Bodyguard.

Variety magazine is reporting that the pair are to work together in a movie musical, Personal Security.

The muscle-bound Jackman is to play a tough New York police detective forced into bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress -- believed to be played by Cyrus -- who is receiving kidnapping threats

In Response To Perez - with a touch of Zac

If you have a Twitter account you may have noticed that Perez Hilton has been a trending topic - the reason for this is the blew he is having with Will .I. Am from The Black Eyed Peas.

Apparently there was a bit of a punch up and Perez has been wingeing about it all over the internet. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/23/perez-hiltons-sobbing-vid_n_219798.html Check this out for Perez's rant on home video.

In response Breckin Meyer has posted his own video....

The Man In The Mirror

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Go Girl!

I was all excited when I saw this shot of Miley pashing it up big time in the ocean - turns out it's not that exciting as it's for her new film, 'The Last Song', not some hot new man. (Looks good though!)

When I found out who the eye candy was the name rang bells so I thought I'd better find out if I was right - and yes Mr Liam Hemsworth is indeed the younger brother of the very delectable Chris Hemsworth!

Turns out that the Hemsworth gene pool is pretty damn fine with another brother also in the acting game. Having dinner at the Hemsworth's must be an absolute feast in more ways than one. I'm thinking entree, main, and dessert!!!

Luke, Chris, Liam
So I must say that I'm very impressed with Miss Miley's taste and am looking forward to seeing the littlest Hemsworth on the big screen. As usual Australia is producing some sterling talent.

The Last Song According to IMDB - Seventeen-year-old Veronica 'Ronnie' Miller's life was turned upside-down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains angry and alienated from her parents, especially her father ...until her mother decides it would be in everyone's best interest if she spent the summer in Wilmington with him. Ronnie's father, a former concert pianist and teacher, is living a quiet life in the beach town, immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church. The tale that unfolds is an unforgettable story about love in its myriad forms - first love, the love between parents and children - that demonstrates, as only a Nicholas Sparks novel can, (The Notebook, A Walk To Remember) the many ways that deeply felt relationships can break our hearts ...and heal them.
(and before you ask - NO Billy Ray is not playing the father! )

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's Dylan Up To??

Once a heartthrob always a heartthrob, but what's Luke Perry up to now?
If you're like a bazillion other people, you probably first noticed Luke Perry when he played Dylan McKay, the bad boy you had to love, on the original ‘90s uber-hit "Beverly Hills, 90210." Ah, those were the days of big hair and even bigger drama.
After "90210," Luke starred in a bunch of movies, like "8 Seconds,"(god I loved that movie) "Dirt," "The Enemy," and "The Triangle." He also had a recurring role on the critically acclaimed "Oz" and major parts in "Jeremiah," "Windfall, " and "John From Cincinnati." He also appeared in a few episodes of "What I Like About You" (as Todd, the hot plumber Val fools around with). If you're not aware of this show it stars the delightful Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth!! Jennie, of course, being Kelly to Luke's Dylan on 90210 - now that's a fun fact!

It turns out that Luke is pretty bloody busy this year with 4 films in production. "Good Intentions," "Upstairs," "Angel and the Badman," and "The Storm."

I'm looking forward to Good Intentions which also stars Leanne Rymes.

Who would have guessed we'd be about to be faced with a Luke Perry resurgence? It's all good as far as I'm concerned - that eyebrow scar still gets me every time.

thanks to ABCFamily.go.com

Bad News From Capeside

Oh no, James Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery) and his wife, Heather McComb, are splitting up. (who knew Dawson was even married?)

They were married in 2003 — two months after he left Dawson's Creek. James most recently played a movie director on One Tree Hill, while Heather appeared on Prison Break this season.

Poor old Dawson, he never was that lucky in love - even Joey chose Pacey over him.
Looks like we may have to keep an eye on Mr Van Der Beek and make sure he has better luck. You'll always be a sentimental favourite with us though James.

Matt Czuchry's Back

For those Gilmore Girl watchers who were fans of Rory and Logan Huntzberger you'll be pleased to know that Matt's new show - 'The Good Wife' apparently doesn't suck! In fact it is supposed to be rather great. Have a look and see what you think.

Can anyone pick the Dawson's Creek link???

More Alexis News

Alexis is returning to modeling! Alexis has signed with IMG Models. They have already put together a portfolio page for her here.
IMG is set to handle Alexis’ commercial endorsements, which means we’ll be seeing more of Alexis in magazines soon I hope!
IMG Models currently handles such names as Heidi Klum, Hilary Duff, Kate Moss and more!
Regis & Chrissie via Gilmore News; Image: Newscom

Alexis does Cleveage

The always beautiful Alexis Bledel attended the 2009 Whitney Contemporaries Art Party and Auction held at Skylight Studios in Soho, NY. late last week. I love it when Alexis turns up at an event as it used to be quite rare. She was joined by her Travelling Pants co-star, Amber Tamblyn.
I think Alexis looks gorgeous and rather sexy for Miss Rory - love the plunging neckline.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zac's 17 Favourite Things

Fave Food: Sushi
Fave Superhero: Spider-Man
Fave Scene from 17 Again: The scenes from the '80s

Fave Iconic Movie Star: Marlon Brando
Fave Holiday: Christmas
Fave Breakfast: Eggs

Fave Baseball Team: San Francisco Giants
Fave Perfume on a Girl: Pink Sugar by Aquolina
Fave Musical: Singing In The Rain

Fave Candy: Pear Jelly Belly Jellybeans and Jawbreakers
Fave Movie: 21
Fave Thing About Being an Actor: The people he gets to work with

Fave Song from High School Musical 3: "Now or Never"
Fave Chick Flick: Sleepless in Seattle
Fave Fast Food: Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger or In-N-Out

Fave TV Guilty Pleasure: American Idol
Fave Band: Vampire Weekend
(courtesy ALLOY Magazine)

Just Get Her Back On TV!!

I've just heard that there is a chance that Lauren may be popping up on one of my favourite indulgences.

The powers that be at 'SCRUBS' are set to make lots of changes for their 9th season. Without headliners Zach Braff & Sarah Chalke as regulars (only as guest stars), the show is attempting to change to a new format, and word has it they’re trying to land a big star. Perhaps Lauren Graham!!
'The new Scrubs would potentially shift from the hospital to the classroom, with Cox (John C. McGinley) and Turk (Donald Faison) as professors in the school.' (Gilmore Girls News)

Apparently Lauren is at the top of their wish list.
What are your thoughts - personally I'm loving the idea but then I'm a closet Scrubs fan.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot New Talent - according to J.

The first time Alex Pattyfer registered on my 'People to watch' radar, he was starring opposite Emma Roberts in 'Wild Child'. I, of course, IMDB'd him and kept a mental note to do a post about him. Well I forgot and now I've discovered he is in a new movie with...... Baby V. (Miss Vanessa Hudgens).

Alex is English and a model with only a few movie credits to his name so far. Stormbreaker in 2006 with Alicia Silverstone, Wild Child with Emma in 2008, and Tormented in 2009, where a bullied teenager comes back from the dead to take revenge on his classmates!

He and Baby V are co-starring in 'Beastly'. The premise of the movie is Beauty and the Beast with a modern twist when a New York teenager is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find true love. Alex Pettyfer stars as the beast and Mary-Kate Olsen also makes an appearance.
I can't wait! Hope you too get the same enjoyment from feasting on Alex.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

retro sunday

Well it's Sunday again, time to go back.....way back.......and since we are all about birthdays today how about the ultimate birthday that nobody remembered....SIXTEEN CANDLES.

We all loved a John Hughes film in the 80's and this is a classic. Molly Ringwald is having a hard time not only getting her family to remember her 16th birthday in amongst her sister's wedding plans, but all she really wants is for the boy she idolises to notice her. Didn't we all have a crush on Jake Ryan? Jake was played by Micheal Schoeffling, whose only other film that I can recall was a small part in MERMAIDS. He now lives with his wife and 2 children in Pennsylvania , producing handcrafted furniture as the owner of a woodworking shop. The public and the media claims he owns a store but nobody seems to know where it is. (funny article about jake ryan at this link http://www.hankstuever.com/jryan.html if you are interested!)

There are some classic lines in this movie, but I think my all time favourite is:

Samantha: I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek.

It had everything, great songs, , a geek, a hot guy, a school dance, an hilarious exchange student, a girl we could all relate to and a couple of cusacks!

Sixteen Candles - Final Scene - Movie Ending - More amazing videos are a click away


“I don’t know the exact measurements, but I like curvy girls, girls with hips,” he said.

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