Friday, July 31, 2009

dorian gray

I remember loving this book when I was younger, still have a copy on my bookshelf now. It's an intriguing story to say the least. The film has now been remade and I think it looks wonderful! Might not be everyones cup of tea, but have a watch and see what you think! Oh, and it does have the most delightful Colin Firth in it and lovely Ben Barnes, whom you may best know as Prince Caspian!

the mighty cool Zac Efron

You will recall a while back we showed you photos of Zac bungee jumping, well here is the actual footage of the jump. He seems pretty cool about it all!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

drew is looking hot

LOVE HER!!!!!!

twilight news

Must say, I am a little saddened by the following news. I thought she was perfect for the role of Victoria and after seeing her interviewed when she was in Australia a couple of months ago, she seemed absolutely delightful!

"It looks like the villainous Twilight vampire known as Victoria is getting some new fangs. Sources at Summit Entertainment say actress Bryce Dallas Howard (Terminator Salvation, Spider-Man 3, The Village) will be stepping in to replace Rachelle Lefevre, who is stepping aside due to scheduling conflicts. Lefevre originated the role of Victoria in the first film, and will be seen in the sequel, New Moon, which is due to hit theaters on Nov. 20. Howard will play the part for the third installment, Eclipse."

speaking of my number 1, this is his new project

"So basically, Matt Damon is definitely up there as one of the best people ever. Not only does he bring clean water to people who can't get it, he is now teaching history to people who have probably never learned about it.

Matt is an executive-producer of a new History documentary type show entitled The People Speak. The show features celebrities, such as Matt and Marisa Tomei, perform pieces from American history as chronicled in diaries, speeches, and other primary sources.

The show is an adaptation of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, which looks at America from the point of view of ordinary people. Matt has been trying to get this project running for more than a decade, and he is amazingly pleased that it has finally taken off.

He told the LA Times, "From the moment we had any influence in this town, we've been trying to get this project off the ground. It demonstrates how everyday citizens have changed the course of history."

thanks to socialite life


I also am having a rethink on my laminated list. It bothers me that I can't just stick with 5 and be done with it! 4 have been pretty much cemented for all time, but the 5th place has been shifting and changing for some time now, and there are some fairly strong candidates. I do have some older gents in a couple of the earlier slots, so I am thinking maybe i require a 'just want to be friends lamination' instead of 'go crazy hot and heavy kind of lamination' that some of my older boys may not be up for these days. Man, do I have some serious thinking to do!

you will be pleased to know that my number 1 is still.......

Who To Choose?

A friend and I have been discussing our laminated lists - can you believe she had never heard of the concept? I have decided it is time to redo mine as my number 1 has passed on and it seems a little morbid to keep him on.
At the moment I'm tossing up whether or not to keep this man on....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guess Who?

Although She's Just Pint Sized?

I can't quite work out if this latest piece of news is sacrilegious or not -

Zac Efron and his Hairspray co-star Brittany Snow are rumored to be the top picks to star opposite Miley Cyrus in an upcoming remake of the 1959 beach movie (and subsequent TV show) Gidget.
Now as you know I love Zac and Miley and I'm even a fan of Brittany's but a GIDGET remake???
I know Sandra Dee, the most famous Gidget, was not the last....
Gidget (1959), starring Sandra Dee.
Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961), starring Deborah Walley.
Gidget Goes to Rome (1963), starring Cindy Carol.

And to top it off, Sally Field played Gidget in the TV version, but I'm still highly sceptical. Gidget has a history of being played by different actresses with Moondoggie being the only character through the 3 movies who stays the same. There followed multiple TV movies, again all with different casts so maybe there is some merit in the idea.
Any Zac movie is a good movie but once again shouldn't they just leave the classics well enough alone? I'm torn.

Sandra Dee

Sally Field

this is why i don't go to the gym!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where's James Lafferty??

Today I decide that I needed some Sophia Bush in my day so went looking to see if she'd been up to anything lately - look what I found from the guru of all celebrity bloggers -

Sophia Bush and her One Tree Hill costar Austin Nichols may have rekindled their romance.
The twosome was spotted catching a connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday (July 26) and took pictures with fans who spotted them together.
Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, met through mutual friend Jake Gyllenhaal in mid-2005 and reportedly started dating in early 2006. Since 2008, Austin has appeared in a recurring role as Julian Baker on OTH.
Thanks Just Jared

Double Take

Some of our family's favourite movies happen to star the delightful Emma Roberts. She has the distinction of being my seven year old daughter's favourite actress and I must say that I find her very appealing to watch myself. It has come to the point where her origins had become a distant memory - until I saw this photo that is!!!!

Emma impresses me for the very fact that she has managed to pretty much shake the stigma of being Julia's niece. She has carved a nice career of her own and actually stars opposite her Aunt in her upcoming project which will be interesting. She will be starring in 'Twelve' with Chace Crawford next year then 'Valentine's Day' which has the most astounding cast - Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey, Topher Grace, Eric Dane, Shirley MacLaine, Hector Elizondo - Phew!!
I'm very much looking forward to seeing Emma in movies that aren't rated G.

remind me not to go away again!!!

I'm only gone a few days and this is what goes on!!!!!

Megan Fox admitted she'd love to taste Zac Efron during a press junket for Jennifer's Body, according to Access Hollywood:
"And while her character, a girl possessed by a demon is a literal man-eater, Megan said there's one real-life guy she'd like to bite into.
"Zac Efron," she said. "I think he'd taste like a strawberry cupcake."

BUT Baby V has stepped in:

Vanessa Hudgens is allegedly furious that boyfriend Zac Efron had dinner with Megan Fox, and has banned him from seeing the ‘Transformers’ actress again. The ‘High School Musical’ actress was allegedly devastated after reports emerged that Efron and ‘Transformers’ star Fox had been spotted cosying up at a romantic dinner in LA.

A friend of Hudgens told the National Enquirer: “Vanessa feels humiliated by what she perceives to be Zac cheating on her. It stings so much more because Megan is one of the hottest women on the planet,” says a source. “Vanessa demanded Zac cut all ties with Megan and swore if he didn’t, they were finished.”

The insider continued: “He swears he only went to meet with Megan to discuss the possibility of working together in the future. But Vanessa’s not stupid – she knows Megan was making a play for Zac.”

Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Kristen

I love this photo of Kristen Stewart and am looking forward to seeing her portrayal of Joan Jett. Rather perfect casting me thinks. Apparently they have been hanging out together so Kristen can get her just right. Now that would be an experience.
L. and I watched Kristen's film 'Adventureland' the other night which is well worth a viewing. She, of course, played an angsty teenager and we did comment that we would like to now see her play against type - maybe a musical or an Amanda Bynes type comedy?? I really can't imagine it and maybe that's going to be her biggest problem. She won't be a truly great actress until she smiles through a WHOLE film.

That's Who!

Well done ladies - it is indeed Taylor Momsen who has just turned 16!
Happy Birthday Little J.

Guess Who?

Recognise this pretty young thing??

Twitter Update - Seriously Miley??

mileycyrus If I could have one wish I would be in Downtown Franklin right now, having Starbucks and reading my bible =]
from web

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Combined View Ladies IQ = Lauren Graham

I love it when the girls are out promoting a new project - it means we finally get some new shots of them. The Answer Man which Lauren is talking about here on the View will probably never make it to our cinemas but you can be sure K and I will get our hands on it somehow and let you know.

You'd Be So Proud K.

K - You will be pleased to know that while you were away Ryan, not only filled up with petrol to help out a friend but he was also seen handing out bucks to a homeless man. I knew you'd be proud but not surprised.

Ryan has also been spotted out and about with a new lady but so far no one seems to know who she is. Actually I'm pretty sure Ryan knows who she is, but he's hardly going to tell us.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here at Star's Hollow we are not adverse to a nice male body on display - usually we find our eyecandy on Telly or at the movies, but tonights perve comes via the St. Kilda/Western Bulldogs game tonight. Enjoy.

Sam Fisher

Daniel Gianciracusa

The Heir To The Throne?

While looking at photos of Kristen Stewart on the set of 'Runaways', the film about
Joan Jett and her band, I noticed one of the other band members....

Does anyone else recognise her?

It's Riley Keough!!! Still looking blank?


(I'm very excited) I can't believe they haven't mentioned this bit of casting genius. Maybe she's incognito! Ha.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Together Again at Comic Con

Happy Birthday Jared

I know I'm a few days late but as I'd been meaning to do a post about him, now seems an appropriate time. On July 19, Jared Tristan Padalecki turned 27 .

I fell in love with him when played the yummy Dean Forester on “Gilmore Girls” (2000-05). In my opinion he was the perfect first love for Rory and no matter what anyone says, he was definitly my favourite Rory boyfriend. In the first pilot Jared was not cast as Dean but thank god they ditched the original choice and the rest is Gilmore Girls history.

Jared is 6 foot 4 inches and was the second tallest cast member of Gilmore Girls - can you guess who was taller?

His first acting role was as Matt Nelson in the 1999 TV movie “Silent Witness.” when he was 18. Jared and Chad Michael Murray, funnily enough, considering they hated each other as Dean and Tristan, are very close mates. Wouldn't mind a 'Jared/Chad sandwich!

I know there are some fabulous near-naked photos of Jared playing Sam Winchester on 'Supernatural' but I'm going to share a few from his Dean era.

BANDSLAM - Coming to the SUN

Baby V.

Get on board K. You don't want to be trailing when Vanessa shocks the world and proves to be a lasting talent. Besides, you need to show your allegience in the face of the Megan dirt bag Fox rumours!

These photos are from Vanessa's latest interview with Parade Magazine.

rick vs nirvana

Should keep both the 80's and 90's chicks rockin'!!!

when celebrities rock

Emma Thompson adopted an African son. It did not make headlines around the world. And he wasn’t a toddler at the time.

His name is Tindy and he was welcomed into Emma’s family when he was 16, a Rwandan refugee newly arrived in England after fleeing the war torn country. They met at a Refugee Council event six years ago. I love how simply she describes it:

“He didn’t have much English, but we just got talking. His experience had been awful and when he finally got to Britain after tremendous suffering, he told us the authorities didn’t believe him. He spent two nights sleeping rough before they finally did. It was the only time he considered suicide. He’s such a lovely, enchanting boy, so I said “Come and spend Christmas with us”. And he came for half the day. Slowly he became a permanent fixture, went on holidays with us and became part of the family.”

Tindy graduated from Exeter University yesterday with a degree in politics.

Emma did not pose with him surrounded by sad African children and a light shining on her beatific perfectly made up face. But she did pose with Tindy and the diploma, beaming with pride.

Thanks Lainey for this story

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry for the bias....

I feel a little selfish that my preference for the Chadster has stopped me from sharing the joys of the other One Tree Hill men. So as a little present for Ali, here are the boys in all their glory...

Mr Nathan Scott - James Lafferty

Mr Marvin 'Mouth' McFadden - Lee Norris

Mr Antwon 'Skills' Taylor - Antwon Tanner

Mr Jake Jagielski - Bryan Greenberg

Oh and Nathan again - why not?

Wired Magazine

Not a huge Brad fan but do like this shot - love what he's scanning!

The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee

Sorry to dump another trailer on you so soon but I couldn't resist sharing this one with you in case you hadn't come accross it. It is a low budget indie flick but there is absolutely nothing low budget about the cast of this gem. Robin Wright Penn, Alan Arkin, Keanu Reeves, Maria Bello, Blake Lively, Wynona Ryder (yes really) Julianne Moore. They'd have to try pretty damn hard to make a mess of this one. The trailer looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it.


Kellie and I watched a Stars Hollow gem a few days ago - GREASE 2 - Arguably the most underrated sequal EVER. This naturally lead to a discussion of all things Michelle Pfeiffer (imagine my horror when I discovered Kellie had not watched HAIRSPRAY!!!) Well it turns out Michelle is a woman after our own hearts and is starring in the ultimate 'cougar' film. Good to see that mature ladies still loved the young boys even a hundred years ago. I'll be going to see it if only for this reason.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Poor Harry!!!! pretty funny

oh, the choices a gal has to make......

Apparently Ms Diaz, soon to be seen in SISTER'S KEEPER, is caught up (are those the right words? really ...caught???) in a love triangle with Jude Law and Leonardo Dicaprio. Lordy, I wouldn't mind being 'caught' in that! She is buddies with both after filming GANGS OF NEW YORK with Leo and HOLIDAY with Jude, but has been seen being more than friendly with both in recent days! I say 'go Cam' goodluck to you lady, may the best man win.

What are you thinking? Who should Cam date???

We'll Take What We Can Get.

and he takes the plunge

yes please

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my matt looking a little leo

Up The Buff'

Here's a shot of Sarah Michelle Geller looking fabulously preggers. I must say I am a fan of Sarah and Freddie as a couple, they will make a lovely family. I wish I had looked half as stylish as Sarah - that is one well dressed mum to be.

I'm thinking they may just take out 'Cutest Couple' too.......

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