Monday, April 30, 2012

Also in town..

An old friend is also here to promote her tv show, Revenge.  Emily Van Camp is here with on screen and off screen beau Josh Bowman.  We have been friends since she starred in EVERWOOD, so we've known each other for quite awhile now, and of course she did some time on Brothers and Sisters.  

My new BFF is in town

My new BFF Emily Blunt arrived in Australia to promote THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT today.  she is here with Jason Segal and will be in Melbourne tomorrow.  Imagine we will be catching up for drinks tomorrow night, except that the Voice is on, so we may have to take a rain check!   Love her!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sugar High

One of my favourite movies and possibly the last time I loved Renee Zellwegger!  They saved The Empire and we got to hear Gina sing.  Movie GOLD.

Do I Have To Share Keith Now???

I had to share this article from today's Sunday Telegraph - finally others are starting to sit up and take notice of my Keith and although I am pleased I am secretly not happy to have more people jumping on the bandwagon...  I liked it better when he was all mine.

Who knew Keith Urban could be so hot? Ros Reins has fallen for the Aussie country music star who's finally stepped out of Nicole Kidman's shadow.
The country singer has always had the goods, of course, but we have become so used to seeing him as a double act with wife Nicole Kidman that his own personal appeal was somehow lost along the way.
Not so with his judging role on The Voice, which has delivered him to our lounge rooms in all his tawny-haired glory. The mega reality show has given us our first real insight into his gentle character - with no interference from minders or PR.

So compelling is the 44-year-old dad-of-two that even grown women, including A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, have declared to be deeply attracted to him.
This from Grimshaw's Twitter page of Monday night: "I have a crush on a married coach. His wife's name is Nicole #TheVoiceAu It's totally harmless".

Although she didn't clarify her crush (she could have been referring to Joel Madden whose wife is also called Nicole and whose sex appeal has also been boosted thanks to The Voice), it was almost certainly Urban, with many of the presenter's followers tweeting approval.
What is so darn attractive about Urban on TV is that he seems essentially a humble man with a love of music.
As he sits behind his big red judging chair on The Voice, we can see how much the acts move him and how compassionate he is towards the artists. If he has an ego worthy of someone of his stature, it is not on display here.
Urban cares enough to treat each performer with dignity, personally thanking them as they leave the stage even if they didn't get through. This quality alone is very attractive.
Suddenly Kidman is regarded as one of the luckiest women in the world because she is married to Urban, who frankly looked like more of a liability early in the marriage when he was suffering from substance abuse.
Since then Urban has been quietly going about his business, producing heartfelt tracks and winning music awards, and yet we have rarely been exposed to him as an on-screen personality. The Voice has changed everything. While some of the luckier artists have been deliberating on their choice of judges women all over Australia have been yelling out Keith's name as their choice for the ideal coach.
After all, who wouldn't want to pick Urban and at the very least win a hug. The other factor that has enhanced his sex appeal is that Urban is not in need of gimmicks. While Joel Madden has his trademark hat and edgy clothes, Seal has his yellow nail polish and Delta Goodrem flicks her long blonde hair so much you'd swear she was making another Sunsilk commercial, Urban is just himself in his T-shirt and jeans.
Whether his acts win or not, Urban has made a success of his role on The Voice.
 Ros Reins

New Nicholas Sparks "Safe HAven" to star Josh Duhamel

That is all!!!

It's alright for you Jen......

I miss you Lorelai

Saturday, April 28, 2012

saturday night dj

Get your 90's on people.  This song goes off!!!

Blur - Song 2 by Blur-Official


Haven't played for awhile, but thought what  fabulous  timing with the Avengers opening this week for us to make the hard decisions in regards to some of our favourite superheroes.  These three to me, are the most appealing and i know some of you would fight me over Chris Evans not being included.  sorry he does nothing for me!  So go for it.........ROOT SHOOT OR MARRY.

Robert Downey Jr - IRON MAN

Mark Ruffalo - THE HULK

Chris Hemsworth - THOR

Another Jnr for Jnr

Congratulations to Freddie Prinze Jnr and Sarah Michelle Geller on announcing they are pregnant with their second child.  Nice work guys.

Friday, April 27, 2012

And the hotness of the Expendables is crushed by the wardrobe malfunction on the golf range today!


Just yes......

We miss your pretty face......

This is a new series of posts recognising boys that we love, that we just don't see enough.  They are not in enough films, they are getting smaller parts, they are not in the public eye etc.  But we love them, and we miss them.  this has been inspired by a rewatching of the film Never Been Kissed tonight, starring the very lovely Michael Vartan.  Gorgeous, not a hideous actor, but clearly in not nearly enough films, tv series, magazines etc.   Hope you get the idea!  (by the way, did you remember that James Franco was in this film?)  Michael was last seen in tv series Hawthorne and in Columbiana prior to this.  Not enough Michael.  We miss your pretty face.......

Just because it's your birthday. Love this shot!

This is a very good looking man!

 Just yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival, he was spotted, looking this handsome!

Happy Birthday Chan (for yesterday)

Bringing Back the Tie Pin!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Keith In Wax

Keith has been so busy on The Voice that he must have forgotten to tell us that he has been waxed!!  Not in the  'I wish I was holding a tub of something hot and sticky and smearing it over Keith's Honky Tonk' kind of waxed...   Madame Tussauds wax museum just opened in Sydney and they have a Keith Urban figure.  OMG That is soooo cool.
It took 60 artists about 800 hours to make. And, just like the other figures, he is worth $220,000. If you go to the museum in Darling Harbour, please let us know how he looks.  He's reportedly wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans and holding a black guitar  I can not wait to see photos.

Asking the big questions

Just saw this over on celebuzz and thought it was a rather important question that could do with the Hollow treatment.  Who wears the maroon suit best?  We are asking the hard questions here in the Hollow, but seriously, thoughts people?  Of course I'm thinking that Ryan has got the look nailed, but just the other night in Germany, our very own Zac, did an amazingly hot shiny version of the maroon suit.

These are some seriously long legs....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

“I don’t know what it is about you, but you do bring out the devil in me.”

Jack is a legend!  Always has been, and although he is now 75, he would still bring the devil out in me.  I absolutely love these previously unpublished shots of him, recently printed in Time magazine and originally taken in 1969 of the up and coming actor!

I Want A Pair....

By all accounts 'Don't Trust The B--- in Apt 23' is pretty hilarious and although it hasn't come to Australia yet I know a few of us will be downloading it just to see The Beek in action. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lindsay Got a Job

In a brave move, US Cable Channel Lifetime has officially confirmed that Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in the biopic 'Liz and Dick', a TV movie that will focus on the star's on-again, off-again romance with Richard Burton.  Lindsay constantly amazes me with her ability to get people to hire her regardless of her train wreck past.  Let's hope we see 'old Lindsay' because you can't deny the girl can act - when she wants to.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Further to Saturday's man and dog post

Comes the news that Josh Hutcherson has actually named his new pound puppy,  Driver, after Ryan Gosling's character in DRIVE.  Makes him just that little bit cuter, even though he shall never measure up to Gale.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Makes 5 For Melly JH

I am an unashamed fan of all thing Melissa Joan Hart which means not only am I excited about the new Sabrina The Teenage Witch movie and the imminent return of the best show on telly -'Melissa & Joey', but I am also thrilled about the news that Melissa and her husband are pregnant with their third child.  Massive congrats to them . (and how cute are those boys!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

have you been missing Ryan

Well, just in case, here is a little taste. Ryan arriving at LAX today. Nice tanned muscly arms. Just a little observation!

Please come to our GNO

Girl's Night Out Movie Night -
Come and enjoy a screening of Nicholas Spark's
19th April 8pm
$20 including bubbles and chocolate treats!
Sun Theatre, Yarraville

Let us know if you are coming

Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Reviewer - BATTLESHIP

Battleship is not a movie either of your Stars Hollow editors will get to see any time soon so we are lucky enough to be able to bring you a review from a special guest editor - Jorge has reviewed this movie over at 'My Life In Review' and we are lucky enough to be able to share it with you here...

Battleship (2012)

Okay, now before you rush to judgement I want you to remember - I had no expectations for this film. I went because it looked like it had explosions and the friend I saw it with loves films with explosions. I was simply along for emotional support. Now, having said that, I liked it.

It's no film of the year, it won't win any awards, but it is a very fun film.

There are some glaring plot holes, for example, how did the aliens catch a slower than light transmission at faster than the speed of light? How did they get to earth faster than the speed of light? Why would they bring projectile explosives from the other side of the galaxy if they were that advanced? Wouldn't they have energy based weapons? Wouldn't they have just used that forcefield thing around their individual ships? Why are they vulnerable to weapons that are the technological equivalent to throwing rocks? Why only come with half a dozen ships? What happens when the planet doesn't hear from their scouting party? Won't they send more ships?

Yes, a lot of questions, but if you can manage to switch your brain off for long enough these cease to be a problem. The SFX were simply amazing. I mean such detail and hard work on the layout of these ships and how the physics would work if they broke apart in this certain way. It really was amazing. Clearly this has been the last year or two of work for quite a few people. The scale of it was truly amazing.

Excellent military porn. I could see recruitment numbers spiking after a film like this. It just looks so fucking cool to shoot missiles and shit at aliens. Obviously real war isn't glamourous, but it sure looks that way from the film. I felt like joining the American Marines and I'm not even allowed! I got a very 'America: Fuck Yeah' vibe from the whole thing - which I didn't actually mind.

The film didn't pretend to be anything more than it was. It was aware that it was a summer action film and it just owned it. Yes, I'm huge, what of it? There were some really funny moments when that whole 'we're going to save the world thing' did get subverted and you remembered how ridiculous the entire premise is. As someone who deliberately missed the last couple of Michael Bay films it was not an unwelcome change.

Rhianna is passable as the role Michelle Rodriguez was too busy to play and Liam Neeson was good, except for the fact that he had nowhere near as much screentime as the trailers suggest. They intergrated the whole 'battleship' notion into the film quite well, I thought, but I won't give it away.

I reckon this one's actually worth a look. Boys night out, rather than a date film, mind you.

When The Past Should Stay buried!

 Yesterday some kind soul (not) posted some photos of a teenage me on Facebook that reminded me of just how hideous 80's fashions were.  After having a giggle, then feeling rather mortified that I had ever looked like that I realised that we all have photos we'd rather didn't see the light of day decades on - the trick is to embrace these earlier versions because clearly at the the time we thought we looked fabulous.  Imagine how much worse to be a celebrity and have these images pop on Google on a daily basis!  Sorry Lauren but these photos illustrate my point too well not to be shared......

If the beautiful Lauren Graham looked like this in the 80's then I suddenly feel a bit better.

Sabrina At The Movies!!

We have two shows in our family that are loved by every family member - Dance Academy, liked by Surfer Boy but obsessively loved by the rest of us, and the fabulous Sabrina The Teenage Witch which has been a family favourite for years and is on constant rotation we own every season and on any given day of the week there will be a Sabrina episode playing.  We even have a black cat, scarily similar to Salem, who watches with us!

Imagine how excited I was this morning to discover that Sabrina is going to become a MOVIE!!!
Sabrina began her life as a  precocious teen witch in the 1960s comics, and was famously played by Melissa Joan Hart in the 90s sitcom.  In the movie version Sabrina will be recast as a superhero.

The film will be “an origin story in the vein of Spider-Man, about a young girl coming to terms with her remarkable powers.”
Everyone’s favorite talking cat Salem will be back for the film, who here is “a transformed prince creating unique love stories for Sabrina.”
Sony Pictures is helming the film with Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, who wrote the upcoming flick Die in a Gunfight, writing the script.

My main concern, of course, is who are they going to get to play Sabrina?  How do you follow up from the wonderful Melissa Joan Hart?  And please God don't forget Harvey - Sabrina is lost without Harvey. Who would be your pick to play the lovably crazy teen witch?

The Logies Red Carpet

Megan Gale

Carrie Bickmore
Asher Keddie

 Karl and Nat

 Lincoln Lewis

 Natarsha Belling and Poh

 Jen Hawkins & Samara Weaving

Esther Anderson

 Seal - Hamish and Andy

 Delta - Jesinta Campbell

Kat Stewart - Lauryn Eagle
One Direction
Adam Hills and Ali Mcgregor
Kate Ritchie
Sonia Kruger
Chrissie Swan

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