Monday, April 2, 2012

Adrian Grenier Plays Jim!

Last week the Stars hollow team were discussing the life and times of Mr Jim Morrison. Recalling hours spent reading 'No One Here Gets Out Alive', swooning over the stage presence of the Lizard King, and discussing the merits of the Val Kilmer film 'The Doors'.

Imagine my surprise this morning when the delightful Adrian Grenier posted this as his Facebook status - 'Just confirmed: I'm playing Jim Morrison in a 2013 reboot of The Doors.'

I was thrilled and over breakfast shared the news with the team who were equally surprised and pleased.

Fast forward to an hour ago when I decided to share this news with you - I followed this link as Adrian suggested in his post.... 

Read the full Hollywood Reporter story:
and could not stop laughing.  follow the link yourself and you will see why.  Got me!

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