Monday, August 31, 2009


I must say I was rather surprised to hear Demi Moore tell Marie Claire Magazine that she has never been under the scalpel!!
“It’s completely false. I’ve never had it done. But I would never judge those who have. If it’s the best thing for them, then I don’t see a problem. I don’t like the idea of having an operation to hold up the ageing process – it’s a way to combat your neurosis. The scalpel won’t make you happy.”
Nonetheless, Demi hasn’t ruled out any future work. “That said, the day when I start crying when I look at myself in the mirror might be the day when I’m less adamant about not having it done. But for the moment I prefer to be a beautiful woman of my age than try desperately to look 30.”
Well I'll be damned - could have sworn she had had work done.

Good Samaritan

Here is yet another reason we love Reece Witherspoon. Apparently Reese took pity on an embarrassed mother during a recent trip to a Whole Foods store in Los Angeles when she found she had forgotten her wallet. Reece picked up the tab. She is reported to have said she would gladly take care of the $70 bill and no apology was necessary.”
“She told the mom, ‘I understand, I have kids too!’”

Aaaaaw! Nicely done Reece.

Well Deserved

K will be thrilled to hear that Matt Damon is to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the world of film. He will be presented with the American Cinematheque Award at a ceremony to be broadcast next March.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Retro Sunday

This year really has been the year of the Vampire, with Twilight and True Blood both doing astonishing well and many others sneaking up to milk the genre. This got me thinking about the first time I fell in love with a Vampire ... his name was John and he had 24 hours to live after his vampire lover had enough of him and cast him off.

The movie was 'The Hunger' from 1983 and John was none other than David Bowie. I went through a bit of a 'Bowie The Actor' stage but I will save my other favourite Bowie film for another time. Catherine Deneuve played the Egyptian vampire and Susan Sarrandon is the doctor that falls under her spell when she tries to save John.

I think the weirdness of this flick, the goth music, the lesbianism, the darkness was so different to my usual fare that I was quite fascinated. I have no idea if it holds up today and I don't know if I should watch it in case it is ruined for me. If you have seen this movie lately please let me know if it has translated well to 2009.

Saturday Is Fantasy Day!

I know I'm late but quite honestly I completely forgot - to make up for it I will attempt to provide you with some FABULOUS eye candy. I give you Mr George Clooney...

Run for office? No. I've slept with too many women, I've done too many drugs, and I've been to too many parties. George Clooney

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking Hot Rob

RIP Adam Goldstein

DJ AM - the celebrity disc jockey known for dating Nicole Ritchie and Mandy Moore, and surviving a horrific plane crash - has been found dead in an apparent drugs overdose in New York.

Zac's Entourage

Here's a screen shot of Zac in his upcoming episode of Entourage. Nice to see the long hair again.

Here's a synopsis of the episode he is appearing in. - The boys worry about security at the house. Adam Davies’ revenge for Ari stealing Zac Efron as a client involves Lloyd. Drama turns into a private eye to find Vince’s new stalker. Ashley demands a more honest relationship with Eric.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What I Like About Him...

What do you think of this specimen?

He is 31 year old Nick Zano and he plays the smartass in the upcoming horror flick The Final Destination, the fourth installment in the franchise and the first to be shot in HD 3-D.
The reason I noticed him - apart from his obvious attributes is that he starred in one of my guilty pleasures - 'What I Like About You', the TV series starring Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth. After being in such a quality show - he must be good. He is currently dating Hayley Duff if you're interested.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a Package

Holy smoke - I need to have a little lie down!!
Zac was spotted gloriously shirtless on the set of 'The Life And Death Of Charlie StCloud' this week. It's almost like he has performed a public service. How generous of him to share his glory with the world.
Can't believe K. hasn't seen this yet!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Gerard Surprise

Who forgot to tell me that Gerard Butler is in Nim's Island??
I put it on for the kids to watch tonight and as I was passing through the room I thought - 'I know that voice, it couldn't be?' and it was.
Suffice to say I will be watching it myself tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kellie's Pick

WOW!!!! Kellie just emailed me this photo and I thought I owed it to our readership to share it.
This here is the reason I need to keep watching True Blood. I'm only half way through season 1 but if it gets this good then I'm hooked. By the way it is True Blood's Eric Northam (Alexander Skarsgard) . Oh Thank you Kellie.

Team Aniston

I wish I looked like this when I went to work. Just perfect.
Jen heading back to work this week.

New Chace

Great to see Chace Crawford mixing it up a bit lately. I have always loved the first two shots from VMAN mag a while ago but these new ones for Interview Magazine are fantastic.
I'm the last one to knock a pretty boy but I am pleased he's showing a bit more of himself lately.

Oh Dear Mena

The reason I have posted this photo is not just because Mena is looking suspiciously like a female body builder in the first shot and wearing gold heels with her bathers no less - it's because I have grave concerns about the age of her fiance!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet Jacob Black - New Moon

I am definitely Team Jacob so I am very excited about New Moon because of all the Jacob action. This video is fantastic - it made me think it might be time to re-read the book and fantasise about the wolves!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Humour Me

My main man has been seen out and about in Nashville..... 'sigh'

I have to sneak a few Keith photos in before K gets back.

Twilight News

For those of you out there that are Twilight fans - and we know there are a few - meet your Seth Clearwater.

His name is Boo Boo Stewart (don't ask me!) and he is 15 years old. Seth Clearwater will make an appearence in the third installment of the Twilight series - Eclipse.

Retro Sunday

There are certain movies in my life that evoke such strong memories of time and place that I can almost smell and taste the J. that I was then. One of these movies was in last week's Retro Sunday - The Pirate Movie holds a very special place in my heart and in the psyche of my 15 year old self.
I thought I would go forward a few years and share a film that rocked my world in 1984. I was 16 years old and I became obsessed with VALLEY GIRL.

Valley Girl starred Nicholas Cage in his first role since dropping the Cappola from his name, and Deborah Foreman who unfortunately has not set the movie world on fire since.

Here's a run down of the plot - Julie Richman (Deborah) is a sweet-natured, if shallow, Valley Girl. After breaking up with her jerk boyfriend Tommy, she is at her friend Suzi's party ("the social event of the season") when two boys from Hollywood crash the scene. One of them, the sensitive and adventurous Randy (Nicholas), is immediately smitten with Julie, and she with him. Julie's friends, however, are not smitten with Randy purely because he is from "Holly-weird" and want Julie to dump Randy and get back together with Tommy. Julie must decide which is more important: her heart and the boy she loves, or the approval of her friends. Classic teen fare but along with a fabulous soundtrack this film nailed it. It did very well at the box office and was considered a great success.

When Deb Foreman was asked what 'Julie' was up to now she replied -"Julie won a scholarship to Harvard. Graduated with honors and received another scholarship to Boston University Medical School. Julie became a medical doctor, alas, losing her medical license to a terrible addiction to heroin. As an ex-addict, she now manages Autoworld Go Carts in West Covina, California. She has the highest score on PacMan... Go Julie!!!" Hilarious

Here is a trailer for the film which should give you a pretty good idea of what I aspired to in 1984! (Did I mention how much I wanted that shirt she wore at the party?)

By the way this film has one of the best 'New Wave' soundtracks EVER!!! 'I Melt With You' by Modern English - it just doesn't get better than that!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Is Fantasy Day

Wow this is my first big test. Fantasy day is usually the domain of the lovely K but while she's away I get to choose my own fantasy!! Oh the pressure! Who shall I choose, someone that K will approve of in her honour, someone everyone will appreciate, or someone that only I am lusting after and therefore no one else will be slightly interested in.... hmmmmm.

I think I'll hedge my bets and go with someone that both K and I agree is some kind of hot in fact he may just be THE hottest thing Australia has produced... Mr Marcus Graham!

Not only does Marcus manage to make Shakespeare sexy but he was 'Wheels', the hottest man on Australian TV in the 90's. Who could ever forget the bath scene??

(For those of you who don't know E Street it was a 90's Australian drama and Lisa and Wheels were star-crossed lovers who finally got togther in this scene. Wheels was in a wheelchair, hence the name.)

Twitter Update

Kristen is pissed off and she's not going to take it any more...

IMKristenBell read in star mag that i fell asleep making eggs, set off an alarm & almost burned my house down till neighbors banged down my door & woke me

IMKristenBell which by the way, never happened.

IMKristenBell people actually get paid to make things up. that story wasnt even interesting or funny and someone got paid for it. boggles my mind.

IMKristenBell go to , is the only place they tell the truth and bust everyone else for being a dingbat & paying their bills by fibbing.

IMKristenBell this weekend im planning on wheeling my grill indoors and searing a feast, then playing opossum till my neighbors come and pick my locks.

IMKristenBell listen. i fell asleep in a carwash recliner last weekend! but nobody printed that!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here's the blooper reel from Season 2 of Gossip Girl for those of you who are hanging out for Season 3. This should get you in the mood.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Daddy

Cam Gigandet could never be accused of being less then 'damn hot' but he has taken his hotness to a whole new level when these pictures surfaced. A hot man kissing a baby and loving his wife is even better than a hot naked man with a puppy.

Wow Corbin!

Holey Moley - Take a look at Corbin Bleu! No longer is he the cute but chauvinistic Chad Danforth from High School Musical.

Corbin has decided to spice things up and I must say I'm liking what I'm seeing! This NAKED shot is for his new TV show. He is playing Isaac Taylor in the new show about models for the CW called The Beautiful Life.
I may just have to check it out - for research purposes only you understand.

This is also the show that stars Mischa Barton and was created by Ashton Kutcher, based on his modelling experiences. I think even Elle McPherson shows up. You want to watch it too now don't you?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loving The Bush

K. has only been out of the country a matter of hours but I'm already feeling the pressure - I have performance anxiety being left solely in charge of Stars Hollow. I hope I can satisfy you all while she is gone - hang on, that came out wrong - anyway you know what I mean.
Before I begin my reign as sole author I am going to indulge in a post that will probably interest no one except myself and perhaps 'Alison', a fellow One Tree Hill fan.
I finally got a glimpse of one of my favourite ladies - Miss Sophia Bush - heading out of the airport a couple of days ago with her ex (perhaps) Mr Austin Nicols.
She is just gorgeous and I'm loving some new shots of her as they are too few and far between.

Photos courtesy - Just Jared
So now that I have indulged I shall indevour to spread the love and keep you all highly entertained until K. returns from basking in the sun.

stars outside the hollow await

I just wanted to let you know that I will be leaving the Hollow for a couple of weeks. can't say too much!!! do not fret, I will be leaving you in the more than capable hands of J, although of late she does appear to be slightly distracted by a certain Scottish chap. will try and check in when I can!

have fun and be happy!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Robert D'Niro's Waiting

In their 80s heyday they ruled the charts and now Bananarama are back!!
Keren and Sara are making their 10th album in 27 years and I can't wait.

Random Trivia -
Keren has been with former Wham! member Andrew Ridgeley for 20 years now, living in Cornwall. Keren and Sara had long been friends with George Michael, and eventually Keren started a relationship with Andrew Ridgeley; she has said in the past that she fell in love with him because he cooked for her and paid for things, which previous boyfriends had failed to do. When they first got together, he told her he didn’t want children, dogs or London.
‘I had a child, two dogs and a place in town. He got over it.’ (Daily Mail)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

retro sunday

Well people, I have no choice today, the retro post for this week must be THE PIRATE MOVIE. J and I have spent much time discussing this film over time and in particular discussing the delightful Christopher Atkins over the last 24 hours, since J discovered his twitters! Too exciting.

This is how we remember him in The Pirate Movie...

This movie, based on The Pirates of Penzance, is a fun romp made in 1982 starring Christopher Atkins and Kristy MacNichol in the leads and many Aussie actors in minor roles. Close to our hearts and close to our homes, this was actually filmed at Werribee mansion, about 30 mins from where we live, and other scenes filmed at Polly Woodside and the Great Ocean Road. Even more exciting, is the fact that a friend of the 'hollow' actually met Chris and hung out on set for a day. So jealous!!! (side note, Chris is renowned in hollywood as being a very generous actor and very kind to his fans!)

Chris has actually spent quite a bit of time in Australia, as he ended up marrying an Australian lady, who was Playmate of the year, when 'Pirate' was being filmed!

One of the highlights of the film, my opinion only(and J's), was the soundtrack! I was so in love with the music and would play 'how can i live without her' over and over in my bedroom. Please enjoy!

Chris apparently still owns the pirate pants and boots! Hmmm, I think I would still be more than happy to see him in those. He has aged well!!! If you are not a 'pirate' devotee, it may be too late. It could have been a time and place thing, but once the love for the pirate is with you, it never leaves!

Would you like another song? Just for fun? Here is HAPPY ENDING.

If you like a film with a song and a bit of fun, check it out! It's really fun!
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