Thursday, April 29, 2010

How funny and sad....

Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but i did know that A-HA were still together and seriously, they released an album a couple of years ago that was ace!!!
They were my second great Scandinavian love (after Abba) and it was my first love of a Morten, followed 10 or so years later by a real life Morten!!!! Mags was pretty cute too, keyboard players were hot in the 80's!!!!.......These boys have actually aged rather decently and I for one am very sad to see them part ways.


Oh no! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, '80s fans, but a-ha, the Norwegian band that gave us arguably the greatest music video of all time, is calling it quits after three decades and 35 million albums sold.

Now I don't know about you but I don't think I was aware that they were still together let alone breaking up! I am quite astounded. It turns out they have been pumping out records all this time without my knowledge.

Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy—had a huge hit on their hands with 'Take On Me' in 1985 with the video winning 6 Moon Men at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Although they had no other hits in the USA/Aust, the band was hugely popular, at one point setting a Guinness World Record for attendance at a Rio show, besting crowds for Guns N' Roses and Prince.
After releasing its ninth studio album, Foot of the Mountain, A-ha announced the 2010 world tour would be its last and the group would disband at year's end.

It's a little hard to be sad when i assumed this had happened decades ago - but good luck guys and thanks for the memories.

Mrs Kennedy

Katie Holmes has signed on to play Jacqueline Kennedy in 'The Kennedys', an upcoming miniseries about the dynastic political family, coming in 2011. Although she may be new to playing a first lady she is highly qualified for the job having served her apprenticeship playing the presidents daughter in 'First Daughter'. What a ripper of the film that was. (I have it if anyone wants to borrow it!)

Even more exciting is the news that the delightful Greg Kinnear will be playing J.F.K. We are loving Greg at the moment after is touching performance in The Last Song.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two of our faves......


Just heard that Charlie St Cloud has been moved to a July release in the US. I'm hoping this doesn't affect the planned trip of our boy to our shores for the premiere of this one!


God she is a legend. Sandy has had this baby since january. She has loved him and hidden him through the most successful awards season of her life, and the most disastrous and scrutinised months of her love life. She still won't speak ill of the rotten Jesse james but is divorcing him. This is one classy lady!! We love her and wish her and Louis much joy as they get to know each other.

Seriously cute!

Seriously, this is pretty cute. Liam and Miley spending a day at Universal Studios, laughing, going on rides, eating crap food......even Liam holding miley's bag (1st photo) And can't say it enough, boys in cardies= hot!

Who is it?????

This is one of Ted Casablanca's (E! online) little guessing games. And I am seriously intrigued about this one...suggestions have been Liam H, Chris H, Ryan Gosling (!), Leo, Shia etc He has now dismissed Ryan and Jake G. I'm leaning toward Shia.....thoughts????

Meet Buck Me-Good, one of the hottest studs in Hollywood right now, looks and career-wise.

‘Tho he may not be a typical Tinseltown type (Buck prefers downing a few with the buds rather than anything remotely red carpet), this boy has made getting famous look easy over time with hit flicks and a hit personality, to boot.

He’s got the arm candy, fab reputation, and a slew of powerful friends.

So what’s the problem?

His king of the world ego certainly is getting him into some trouble.

While on a flight quite recently, Buck pulled some Naomi Campbell style ‘tude and essentially blurred the lines of sexual harassment with those onboard.

Says a sweetie caught in Buck-Me’s crude crossfire:

“He was really drunk and apart from throwing around phrases like ‘Do you know who I am?’ he hit on all the flight attendants and a passenger, even inviting her to his hotel room.”

Hey, at least he’s got manners and didn’t ask her into the lavatory, right?

We know it’s oh-so-wrong of him to ask so brutally, but, let’s get real: the propositioned honey was a fool not to say yes to Buck! Yes, folks, he’s that dreamy.

But…we quickly lost our horny appetites when our friendly-flyin’ source swears Buck was not the guy he once was, pre-success.

“It got so bad, he got kicked off the flight. Fame has gone to this hot guy’s head,” we’re told.

We doubt BD’s current girlfriend, who most definitely was still together with Buck at the time of his mile-high club attempt, would be too thrilled about this info. But, then, she’s gotta have a little Sandy Bullock in her and at least suspect something’s goin’ on. Let’s hope.

Thing is, Buck’s star hasn’t even ultimately peaked, if you think about it. We see Oscar for this dude one day. This stud-muffin’s career is only going to continue getting hotter, trust.

Cloud Control

CLOUD CONTROL are the band supporting the Vampire Weekend gig we are heading to next week, a triple j unearthed band. here's a couple of songs. Let us know if you know much about this band????

Another baby!!!

He's been spending too much time with Brad and is trying to catch up, and now Matt and Luciana are expecting another baby, 3rd for them, 4 in total. I can understand Luci not being able to stay away from him, I do get it!!!! He does do great Dad!!!!

The final trailer for ECLIPSE before its release at midnight on June 30!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Correct K

Oh yes K - Mrs Martin has many hideous fashion outings.

And then you come across a photo like this and it almost makes up for all the rest.

I can't stop looking.......


I used to love Gwyneth. I thought she was so pretty and she had done some cute things like 'Sliding Doors', Emma, 'Ripley' etc, but I must say. over the years, my love for the Paltrow has diminished. I do subscribe to GOOP, however the love is more a fondness now.

She never seems to be at the top of the fashion game though. She can be so close and yet just get it wrong. For instance, check out this shorts suit at the IRON MAN 2 premiere, it's kinda just not working. Thoughts???

Lovely Matt and the Lion King

Lovely Matt Damon took his girls to see The Lion King in NY last night. Just makes me love him even more!!! And loving his cute little curls under the edge of his beanie!

Gossip From Gossip Girl

Well it looks like K has got her way and Taylor Momsen's Jenny Humphrey will be leaving the Upper East Side this season. I bet that has made your day! Apparently she pisses off everybody before the seasons end and decides to cut her losses.

Now yet another female regular will be heading off into the sunset. (And leaving one heartbroken boy behind.) The word is that Vanessa - or stinkin Vanessa as K calls her - will not only be leaving N.Y but the country with a fancy new job with CNN.
The bad news for K is that both girls will still be season regulars next season.

Oh well! At least they'll be gone for a while.


Today is Channing Tatum’s 30th birthday!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Still Hot!

Gilmore Girls Moment

Not only is this possibly the most egerly anicipated kiss in my lifetime - we were made to wait 4 years for it - it also gives us a classic Luke rant which is always fun and even a naked Kirk moment - Now that is vintage Gilmore Girls!

Talking about Gilmore Girls...

How great is this shot of Christopher? (or David Sutcliffe in real life)

Love a Gilmore Link

It's tenuous but I still like it. Scout Taylor-Compton who played Clara Forester (Dean's little sister) on Gilmore Girls co-stars in The Runaways as Lita Ford the lead guitarist! Cool!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gee I Miss The Boys

Hello Young Man!

Lately some friends and I have been discussing the phenomenon of the Cougar and it's seeming popularity at the moment. As far as we are concerned, the younger guy thing has been around for ever and is way too much fun. I say this from experience and my better half greatly enjoys his 'younger man' status. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the old blokes but I do like the spry little ones. It’s a lot like having a favorite puppy. Sweet, energetic, fun and uncorrupted! This got me thinking about some of my favourite older woman/younger guy movies and of course then I just had to share them with you.

CLASS (1983)
What a fabulous coming of age movie. Not only did this film introduce us to Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy and John Cusak - it also introduced my generation to the cougar woman! (and to the wrongness of dating your mates mum!!)(obviously a movie Patrick Dempsey forgot to watch)


I always found this film a little wonderful but a little wrong at the same time. (Maybe due to the fact that I am a teacher!) A teens infatuation with his teacher develops in to a relationship that shakes up both their worlds but ultimately celebrates love no matter what the age difference. Australian cinema gold.


'Mrs Robinson you're trying to seduce me aren't you?'

The joke about this film is Benjamin is supposed to be a fresh-faced college graduate. (Hoffman was 30 at the time.) And the aggressive older woman, Mrs. Robinson, who seduced him and was played by Anne Bancroft — she was 36 at the time! Oh well - we got the idea and a cougar was born.


"Someone said get a life. . .so they did." Part of getting a life after leaving your husband, apparently, involves a younger, shirtless Brad Pitt. Can't argue with that.


Stiffler's Mum - no more needs to be said!


A 58 year old Diane Keaton and a 40 year old Keanu Reeves - who wouldn't go there?

Possible one of the best movie kisses of all time - and 'Hello!' He's waaaay younger than her.

So all you young boys out there - if there is a lucious older lovely you have your eye on take my advice and make a move - it will be well worth it!


Hearing good things from Tribeca about the previously posted about ONDINE starring Colin Farrell.....

Jenny from the Blog

Dedicated to my co-author, J BLO or Jenny from the Blog!!!!!

Pretty sure this is not J lo's finest moment, and I can almost guarantee that it's not Ben's!!!!!

Um, yep, still hot!!!!

Everyday Now

I'm in a daggy, sunday night romantic kinda mood and I'm listening to one of my fave songs that takes me straight to a time and place where this feeling would be most appropriate! It's 'Everyday Now' by Texas! Here it is!

Have just downloaded an album by Sharleen Spiteri, lead singer of Texas, called The Movie Songbook, in which she has recorded some interesting songs from films. eg Xanadu, Sounds of Silence, . It's nice!!!

Retro Sunday

Lest we of the best Aussie films ever made....GALLIPOLI!

Uncle Jack: What are your legs?
Archy Hamilton: Springs. Steel springs.
Jack: What are they going to do?
Archy : Hurl me down the track.
Jack: How fast can you run?
Archy : As fast as a leopard.
Jack: How fast are you going to run?
Archy : As fast as a leopard!
Jack: Then let's see you do it!

Which woman do you want to have sex with???

which woman would straight women most like to have sex with? This is just one of the questions asked by Esquire in their Survey of 10,000 American Women. And the answer? None other than Zooey Deschanel, actress, model, singer-songwriter and musician extraordinaire, who has captured the hearts of the heterosexual female with 31% of votes.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday is Fantasy Day - the letter G

After last week's 'F' debacle, we have made an executive decision, (at one of our Hollow meetings, of which you all don't believe we do anything constructive, except sit in the Corner Shop drinking tea, but look at us, we make important decisions like this one) that if there is no-one worthy of a mention then the week's letter will be forfeited! Just so you know for future reference!

Garrett Hedlund - a lovely find! soon to be seen in TRON, maybe recognisable from Friday Nigth Lights, Georgia Rule and Eragon and may star in an upcoming version of ;On the Road'.

Gaspard Ulliel - a delightful french actor best known to myself from A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT and 'Paris, Je t'aime'

Gael Garcia Bernal - soon to be see in the Hollow anticipated 'Letters to Juliet' and of course from 'Y tu Mama Tambien' and 'the motorcycle Diaries' etc

Gregory Peck - one of the handsomest gentlemen ever to grace our screens!

Our beautiful Ephram Brown - Gregory Smith (and my twitter buddy!!)

Grant Show - (just in case it's been awhile!)

We are very amused by you Channing!!!

We have been most amused by the Chan's choice of footwear over time, so I have investigated further. Here is a blurb about the toe sneakers and also a website to go to if you would like to buy some! Approx $189 AUD.

“Natural gait is biomechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person.” Dr. William A. Rossi in Podiatry Management

Wearing Vibram FiveFingers is more than a choice of footwear. It demonstrates trust in our body’s natural ability to handle physical demands without heel wedges, gels, air, pronation control, ankle support or rockers.

We are designed to walk, run and play.. barefoot. There is no secret that allows the Masai to move with such effortless grace, just a lifetime of barefoot movement. With this understanding of how we are made, we can liberate ourselves from the ideology that has most of us wearing shoes before we can stand.

FiveFingers are the first performance footwear that don’t try to alter your foot’s natural movement, but allow all the benefits of going barefoot with a gecko-like grip and protection from the elements.
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