Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rory's On The Move

Alexis has been out and about again - here she is looking gorgeous at an H&M party. I couldn't resist this shot of her ... they would have to be the most amazing eyes I have ever seen!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So this is the boy that Stephenie Meyer wanted as Edward. I know some of you (Trish) may be having heart palpitations at the thought of another Edward, but I myself, can kind of see this boy as Edward. Anyone?

little leighton

I have just watched an interview with Leighton Meester, or probably better known to you as Blair Waldorf from GOSSIP GIRL. As you are most probably aware, she plays the ultra rich snobby brat who lives on the upper east side in NYC, what I have just learned is that nothing could be further from the truth for leighton's real life. She was born in jail to a mother and father , who were involved in a drug ring that smuggled marijuana from Jamaica to the United States. Both were arrested for their involvement in the ring, and Connie was released on bail. While out, Connie became pregnant, and once she was convicted, she spent her pregnancy in a Texas state prison. Leighton was delivered in a Texas hospital, and Connie was allowed to live with Leighton in a half-way house for three months. Connie was sentenced to ten years in prison, and once her three months with Leighton were up, her newborn was sent to live with a relative. After sixteen months of her sentence, Connie was released and resumed her role in her newborn's life. Leighton has always been adamant in maintaining that she has no hard feelings towards her parents for what they did in the past, and she has repeatedly said that her mother Connie is one of her best friends.

It is pretty hard to see past Blair the character, but Leighton actually seemed like a really sweet grounded girl! (who by the way is naturally blonde!) and it just goes to show that humble beginnings can lead to big thngs!


Working with Zac has obviously been good for Matt!
(photo courtesy Ellen DeGeneres)


I may be a little slow but I've just heard that Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are expecting twin daughters via a surrogate mother. Intriguing!
I'm glad they are still going strong and extending their family. I really like them as a couple.

Ferris Bueller meets Footloose has to be good. That brings me to one of my all time favourite movies which happens to star Sarah Jessica and the delightful Helen Hunt in what may be their big break. (Look out for Shannen Doherty playing the little sister)

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! Does anyone else have this movie in their heart?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tom sturridge.... cute...non???

Tom Sturridge popped onto my horizon last week, as the young star in THE BOAT THAT ROCKED. He was ever so cute and so well suited the 60's attire. Probably currently best known as being one of Robert Pattinson's friends, and there has been much debate amongst fans about who would have made a better Edward, ( not sure if this would annoy or amuse these boys! )

So anyway, I just thought I would investigate a little further and pop him onto your horizon also!!!

Tom Sturridge, the young English actor was born in 1986 (well never mind!) in London to parents, director Charles Sturridge and actress Phoebe Nicholls.

He began as a child actor, in the 1996 television adaptation of Gulliver's Travels directed by his father and co-starring his mother. He re-emerged in 2004 in Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon and, Being Julia.

He has two younger siblings, brother Arthur and sister Matilda. He attended Winchester college, the same school attended by Hugh Dancy, but became good friends with Robert Pattinson through his siblings, both of whom attended Harrodian.

He will next be seen in a film alongside our very own Rachel Bilson (our very own just 'cos we like her here in Stars Hollow!) called WAITING FOR FOREVER. Well, i for one, am hoping I don't have to wait forever to see him again!

He's on the Laminated List

What A Couple

To answer K's question (see comments in Rory post) - it is almost impossible to find out who 'Rory' is dating at the moment ...but....wouldn't this be great?!?!

Adam and Alexis were, of course, both in Gilmore Girls but unfortunately never as a couple. I'm thinking it was a missed opportunity. Maybe Seth should have moved to Stars Hollow. Perfect.

Monday, April 27, 2009

paul walker

So I have had a couple of people mention that they are not knowing of the adorable PAUL Walker. We don't like people to be left behind here at STARS HOLLOW, so please always ask if you don't know! We are more than happy to help. for those that need the catch up on Paul, here is a quickie (although i'm sure some wish it wasn't!!!)

Paul William Walker was born on September 12, 1973 in Glendale, California. A native of Southern California, Paul grew up active in sports like soccer and surfing, with brothers Cody and Caleb and sisters Ashlie and Amie. His mother was a model, which lead to Paul modeling and acting as a young child. Some of his early TV work includes episodes of "Charles in Charge", "Highway to Heaven", "Who's the Boss?", and "Diff'rent Strokes". In 1986, Paul starred in the horror spoof Monster in the Closet and was featured on the TV series "Throb" (1986-87). After finishing Village Christian High School in Sun Valley, Paul attended several community colleges and at first majored in Marine Biology. However, his early taste of acting came back with a vengeance and Paul decided to pursue an acting career. With experience in modeling, a number of television guest spots, Paul joined the cast of "The Young & The Restless" as Brandon Collins for a 2-year stint. He was young, making money and starring in the top rated soap opera on television. Paul started spending more money than he had and after the job ended, he tried attending Santa Barbara City College to work towards a Marine Biology degree.

With encouragement from friends and an old casting agent who remembered him as a child, he decided to try his luck once more with acting shortly after returning from College.he starred in Meet the Deedles, a campy, silly but surprisingly fun film which failed to garner much attention. However, lack of attention would not be a problem for Paul Walker for long. With Pleasantville, he appeared in his first hit. As the town stud(a la 1950s) who more than meets his match in modern day Reese Witherspoon, he was one of the most memorable characters of the film. Roles in the teen hits Varsity Blues, She's All and The Skulls That have cemented Walker's continued rise to celebrity. He was chosen to be one of the young stars featured on the cover of Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood issue in April 2000. While the other stars on the cover, brooded and tried their best to look sexy and serious, Paul smiled brightly and showed why he is not part of the norm. This is one young actor who certainly stands apart from the rest of the crowd, not only with his talent but with his attitude. The Dallas Morning News commented in March of 2000 that, "Paul is one of the rarest birds in Hollywood- a pretension free movie star." The latest blockbuster hit The Fast and The Furious has raised his stardom to an even higher level.

In 1999, Paul and his then-girlfriend Rebecca had a baby girl named Meadow Rain Walker. Even though Paul publicly admitted that Meadow was not planned, he says that she is his number one priority. Paul and Rebecca separated a few years ago and Meadow lives with her mother in Hawaii. She often visits with Paul as his homes in Santa Barbara and Huntington Beach, California.

He loves surfing and will be in Australia next month on a surfing vacation!

He prefers low maintenance, natural, outdoor, shy girls.

Consider yourself caught up! (and just let me know if you need to borrow MEET THE DEEDLES-sadly VHS only!!!)

Hi Rory

The ladies of Star's Hollow are very excited to see some recent shots of our favourite daughter Rory Gilmore, or Alexis Bledel in the real world.

Alexis sightings are rather rare as she likes to fly under the radar so nice to see her out and about .

Keep an eye out for her upcoming projects -
The Post Grad Survival Guide

The Good Guy (which also stars the gorgeous Andrew McCarthy)

See if you can spot the One Tree Hill link!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

gratuitous spunk photo ahead.....just because i can

for lesley

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the gorgeous Irish lad with the amazing eyes, first came to my attention as Brian Slade in VELVET GOLDMINE (below), then re-entered my horizon as Joe, the soccer coach in BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. Apparently, a bit of a womaniser and a couple of stints in rehab, but he is a more than capable actor, and seems like good fun!!!! Enjoy Lesley!

The Offending Photo!

Baby V is in fact wearing denim hot pants under the shirt and quite frankly Zaccy boy should just be rapt he has a girlfriend who looks this hot!

vanessa the undresser, at it again!

Zac Efron has apparently “had words” with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for flashing too much flesh. The “17 Again” star spotted paparazzi pictures of Hudgens in nothing but a shirt splashed across the Internet, and was furious.

“After the nude photo scandal Vanessa endured only 18 months ago, Zac was not happy when he saw her step out in just a shirt,” an insider reports. “It barely covered her up. He loves the way she dresses and that she always looks too stylish, but he was just being protective. Zac feels she took it a little too far this time and she should be more careful about her outfits in future.”

Friday, April 24, 2009

the sure thing.......a classic!

Lady in Car: What are you gonna name it?
Alison Bradbury: What?
Lady in Car: The baby.
Alison Bradbury: [realizing she's faking being pregnant] Oh, the baby. Well, if it's a girl, Cynthia, and if it's a boy, Elliot.
Lady in Car: Those are lovely names.
Walter (Gib) Gibson: Elliot? You're gonna name the kid Elliot? No, you can't name the kid Elliot. Elliot is a fat kid with glasses who eats paste. You're not gonna name the kid Elliot. You gotta give him a real name. Give him a name. Like Nick.
Alison Bradbury: Nick?
Walter (Gib) Gibson: Yeah, Nick. Nick's a real name. Nick's your buddy. Nick's the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn't mind if you puke in his car, Nick!
[Alison looks disgusted]
Walter (Gib) Gibson: [to Lady in Car] Oh, vomit. I'm sorry. Vomit.

"i gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen....."

My heart broke for Lloyd when he uttered those words in the pouring rain, in the 80's classic written and directed by a young Cameron Crowe, SAY ANYTHING. He was of course in love with Diane, played by Ione Skye. Now, if you are wondering where she has been since 1989, no need to look further than our very backyard, or perhaps an ashram in India, she is now married to Ben Lee!!! She hasn't done alot of acting over the years, but did manage a bit part in an epsiode of one of our fave tv series, 'LIFE AS WE KNOW IT'.

You may also recognise the delightful Jeremy Piven, Ari from Entourage, who has acted in many films alongside John Cusack, as their parents ran an acting academy together in Chicago and they have been friends since childhood.

Now for the GG link. I almost missed it, but of course there is one! Katie Layman who plays a 'saleswoman' in SAY ANYTHING played 'Ginger' in season 2 episode 7 of Gilmore Girls!!!

John Cusack deserves his very own posting at some stage, so no more on him, let's concentrate on Lloyd!!!

happy friday J!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

who are you pulling for?

good will hunting 2

Zac Efron has admitted he’d love to follow in the acting footsteps of Matt Damon.

“I most admire Matt Damon and Michael J Fox,” the ‘High School Musical’ star told People magazine. “I just saw Rounders and it just reminds me, Matt Damon is someone who I want to be.”

“I just want to make his smart choices,” he added.

i knew he was smart. now if only they would do a movie together...........

just reporting what i read..............

Relationship trouble? Although Zac Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens looked like the perfect couple at the Kids’ Choice Awards, according to several friends, they seem to be on the verge of a breakup, In Touch reports this week. “Zac and Vanessa have been having some problems,” says one pal. “It’s getting harder to make it work.” Zac, 21, has been dating his HMS costar, 20, for three years, but according to a close pal, he sometimes wishes he were single.

“He gets propositioned all the time, and while he still loves Vanessa, he tires at times of being in a relationship and wants to have more fun.” According to another pal, Zac gave Vanessa a promise ring from Tiffany & Co. for Valentine’s Day, but it had the opposite effect on him.

“It seems that Zac got a case of cold feet ever since that ring,” says the friend.

Nude Nuts

How much fun do you reckon they had doing this??

This is definitely my favourite!!

Don't Do It To Her Jessica!

Now I am a fan of Jessica Alba. Anyone who does a movie involving poor kids being turned around by the power of dance deserves my respect (Honey, for those of you who haven't picked up the reference). And let's face it - she's one of the hottest woman on the planet. None of this excuses her from her recent multiple crimes against fashion!

I am not talking about her personnal choices as she is pretty much faultless in that area but pardon the french but what the fuck is going on with those headbands on the kid?????

I am astonished and frankly appalled!

the new werewolves

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The first STARS HOLLOW MOVIE NIGHT was a huge success. As you can see by the photo above, all our lovely readers really got into the spirit of the night and I think everyone had a great time. The movie got a unanimous thumbs up and the general consensus was that it was great fun, well acted and provided a couple of hours of bonus eye candy (almost a pre-requisite for Stars Hollow Movie Night I should think.)
We adjourned to the cafe next door after the movie and spent another couple of hours in the company of some of the world's loveliest ladies! I personally can not wait for the next one.
I wonder what it will be? It must be worthy!

Is This Not The Cutest Couple EVER!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

J's Retro Posting

This week my retro memory is of the fabulous sitcom 'Charles In Charge' starring the incomparable Scott Baio. Watching this had me singing along at the top of my voice and boy it was nice to see Willie Aames again. Who doesn't have a better day when Willie appears?

Scott, as we all know, played Charles 'Chachie' Arcola in Happy days from 1977-1984. We then got an extra treat when he and Erin Moran starred in the spin off 'Joanie Loves Chachie'. This gem only lasted 17 episodes but it holds a very special place in my heart.

Next came 'Zapped' which, yes you guessed it, also starred our friend Willie Aames!

He has popped up in dozens of Tv dramas since those days but 'Arrested Development ' would be his greatest claim to fame since the heady days of 'Bugsy Malone' and Happy Days.

The reason I admire Scott is that he is not adverse to having a laugh at himself as anyone knows who has watched an episode of 2007's 'Scott Biao is 45... and single.' Followed by season 2 - 'Scott Baio is 46.... and Pregnant!' Well done Scott.

I want Charles in charge of me!!

Gilmore Girls Link - because you know there is one!

Nicole Eggert who played Jamie in Charles In Charge starred in one episode of G.G. in 2001 - Like Mother Like Daughter.
(Chilton's headmaster Charleston thinks Rory isn't properly socializing and when Lorelai disagrees he tells her Rory may be taking after her mom. Rory's attempt to reach out gets her involved with a sorority while Lorelai becomes a booster.)
Nicole played Aubrey! Off to watch it now!
I know - I'm good!

Twitter Update

darthvader Note to @Alyssa_Milano - Tony Danza is not the boss. I am.

about 2 hours ago from twitterific

Aaaah The Chadster In All His Glory!

K made the mistake of sending me this fabulous piece of footage knowing my love of all things Chad. I thought it was criminal not to share it, so even if you're not a One Tree Hill fan, or even a fan of the Chad, do yourself a favour .... HOT!

While we are on the topic of Chad Michael Murray in the shower I want to share one of the funniest scenes from season 2. Quick background - Brooke and Lucas used to date, Lucas now wants to date Brooke again and she is living in his house while her parents are away. He has just had a very saucy dream about Brooke......

Aaah That makes me giggle no matter how many times I see it. Poor Lucas! And just another reason why I love Brooke. Subtle as a sledgehammer.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

spot the gosling!

courtesy mickey mouse club!!!!!

J, you started something.........

retro posting

So anyway, since we had a lovely response for the 'party of five' piece last week, i have decided a new and random segment shall be called 'retro posting', where we just post something random from our past!!!! something we loved and still hold alot of love for, or something that's fun, or someone who is hot that we forgot for awhile!!!

So here is this week's!

Blog Of The Week

I have just spent the last hour gawping at a new blog I have discovered. Obviously it is authored by a like-minded lady and I'm sure we would be besties if we ever met -

First of all ... what I great title. I was hooked before I'd even read it. Then I started furiously saving some of the fantastic photos to show you all but quickly realised that it would be easier to just send you there yourselves. So check it out and indulge in some Twilight goodness.

Holy Moley - these boys look good enough to eat!

Friday, April 17, 2009

For Leslie

I happen to know there is a Star's Hollow reader out there who will greatly appreciate a bit of Chris Martin eye candy.

What's going on here though Leslie?? Surely Chris doesn't find Gwenny as annoying as we do??!!

Wish I Was Dadies Little Girl!

Sorry ladies - it looks like our favourite evil vampire is well and truly busy for the foreseeable future...

Cam Gigandet’s girlfriend, Dominique Geisendorff, gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday.
Who wouldn't want to make babies with him??? Lucky girl.

(Notice I managed to get a shirtless shot in!!)
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