Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Logies Time!

And here are the nominees for the fabulous GOLD LOGIE.  (thanks to POPSUGAR for the image)

First up we have the multi-talented Spic & Specs / In Gordon St Tonight host - Mr Adam Hills
Followed by Asher Keddie from Offspring and Paper Giants among other things.
Next up is the effervescent Carrie Bickmore, host of The Project and all round bright spark.
Esther Anderson is also nominated.  The former Home and Away actress was killed off earlier this year (on the show) so she may be in need of a pick me up.
Funnyman Hamish Blake and The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic round out the list.

Do you think the right people have been nominated?
Are you sad that Rove and Kerri-Anne won't be up on stage this year?
Who will you be voting for in the GOLD LOGIE category?


Caroline said...

Ooo that's hard but I did Carrie because she's an all rounder talented person. LOL I knew Esther Anderson was gonna get killed off on Home and Away. She's gotta stop going for jogs! lol why did they kill her off? shes too pretty

dancing in beaumont said...

Love your comments about jogging and being killed Caroline!

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