Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do I Have To Share Keith Now???

I had to share this article from today's Sunday Telegraph - finally others are starting to sit up and take notice of my Keith and although I am pleased I am secretly not happy to have more people jumping on the bandwagon...  I liked it better when he was all mine.

Who knew Keith Urban could be so hot? Ros Reins has fallen for the Aussie country music star who's finally stepped out of Nicole Kidman's shadow.
The country singer has always had the goods, of course, but we have become so used to seeing him as a double act with wife Nicole Kidman that his own personal appeal was somehow lost along the way.
Not so with his judging role on The Voice, which has delivered him to our lounge rooms in all his tawny-haired glory. The mega reality show has given us our first real insight into his gentle character - with no interference from minders or PR.

So compelling is the 44-year-old dad-of-two that even grown women, including A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, have declared to be deeply attracted to him.
This from Grimshaw's Twitter page of Monday night: "I have a crush on a married coach. His wife's name is Nicole #TheVoiceAu It's totally harmless".

Although she didn't clarify her crush (she could have been referring to Joel Madden whose wife is also called Nicole and whose sex appeal has also been boosted thanks to The Voice), it was almost certainly Urban, with many of the presenter's followers tweeting approval.
What is so darn attractive about Urban on TV is that he seems essentially a humble man with a love of music.
As he sits behind his big red judging chair on The Voice, we can see how much the acts move him and how compassionate he is towards the artists. If he has an ego worthy of someone of his stature, it is not on display here.
Urban cares enough to treat each performer with dignity, personally thanking them as they leave the stage even if they didn't get through. This quality alone is very attractive.
Suddenly Kidman is regarded as one of the luckiest women in the world because she is married to Urban, who frankly looked like more of a liability early in the marriage when he was suffering from substance abuse.
Since then Urban has been quietly going about his business, producing heartfelt tracks and winning music awards, and yet we have rarely been exposed to him as an on-screen personality. The Voice has changed everything. While some of the luckier artists have been deliberating on their choice of judges women all over Australia have been yelling out Keith's name as their choice for the ideal coach.
After all, who wouldn't want to pick Urban and at the very least win a hug. The other factor that has enhanced his sex appeal is that Urban is not in need of gimmicks. While Joel Madden has his trademark hat and edgy clothes, Seal has his yellow nail polish and Delta Goodrem flicks her long blonde hair so much you'd swear she was making another Sunsilk commercial, Urban is just himself in his T-shirt and jeans.
Whether his acts win or not, Urban has made a success of his role on The Voice.
 Ros Reins

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dancing in beaumont said...

Poor Jenny. If he ever asks, I will happily tell him you were onboard from the very beginning. You may however have to share with one CJ, who also jumped on board pretty early!

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