Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My real life hero!!!!

Hollywood star Ryan Gosling has been filmed breaking up a street fight in New York.

Two men were fighting on 8th Street in the Manhattan neighbourhood of East Village when Gosling, star of The Notebook, appeared through a group of bystanders to separate the pair.

Gosling dropped a bag he was carrying in the middle of the street to move the men away from each and out of the way of traffic.

The woman filming the incident does not know who the mystery man is until a friend informs her it is "the guy from the movie… The Notebook".

"Are you serious?! Am I really filming this right now," the woman replied.

He then apparently took them to the curb and tried to work out what they were fighting over, even handing over a $20 note from his own pocket to ease the situation.

Although it is not known when the incident happened, the clip was uploaded onto YouTube on August 20.

Gosling has been in up-state New York shooting his new film The Place Beyond The Pines alongside Australian actress Rose Byrne.

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