Thursday, August 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS for Breaking In

IT'S BACK!!  Looks like we've done it - power to the people and kudos to 'Save Breaking In' facebook page and all the other avenues that fought for this show.

This is the second improbable return for Breaking In. 
Despite raking as Fox’s highest testing pilot back in 2009, the network passed.  In a clever move Sony kept the project alive by extending the options on the cast. Fox then ordered 2 additional scripts, and in November, the network gave Breaking In a seven-episode midseason order, but in May the network canceled the show before it had finished its run. Sony once again fought on. And, in a promising sign that the network had faith in the show and was open to reconsidering its decision, it joined Sony TV in shouldering the cost for extending the cast’s options and then put Breaking In on the list of contenders for its 2-hour midseason comedy block.

By surviving cancellation twice, Breaking In would join Family Guy as the only shows ever to do it.

The entire cast is expected to come back, including Odette Annable, who recently joined House as a new regular with a deal that includes provisions allowing her to also appear on Breaking In.

What a privilege it is to have Christian Slater back on our screens and if he doesn't sell it for you - watch it to see Michael Rosenbaum's genius turn as Dutch.  You won't regret it.

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dancing in beaumont said...

now i really will have to watch!!

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