Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 10 List

Toni over at Tragic Chain Reaction wrote a post that got me thinking and I decided I should share it here.  She has been discussing those movies that you just can't go past when channel flicking late at night.  You know that time when your show has finished and you do one last run through the channels before you turn in for the night.  What movies, when you come across them, make you just have to sit back down and watch to the end?

Here's a list of mine.... in no particular order....

1. Dirty Dancing.  Bet that one hasn't shocked you.  Watching Baby and Johnny fall in love gets me every time.

2. Footloose.  The soundtrack alone would do it but add Kevin teaching Chris to dance and there's no turning it off.

3.  Big Wednesday - Ahhhh!  surfer boys and Jan Michael Vincent.....

4.  Grease /Grease 2 - The songs, the cheese, it's impossible not to watch these even if you have watched them waaay too many times to count.

5. High School Musical - this movie just makes me happy!  And I refuse to make excuses for that.

6.  Sweet Home Alabama - absolute chick flick heaven.

7.  Step Up. - this is the movie that introduced me to The Chan and as you can tell from the previous movies on this list I am a sucker for a musical or dance movie.  This is a modern classic.

8. Gidget - kowabunga! I used to know this movie word perfectly.  It would be sacrilegious to turn it off.

9. P.S. I Love You - I tried to turn this movie off just recently and discovered that I can't do it.  Even if I'm not in the mood to bawl my eyes out I still get sucked in by the soundtrack (and Gerard Butler helps too.)

10.  Oklahoma - this is the first musical I fell in love with and it does not matter how many times I see it I can always squeeze in another viewing.

There you have it.  I'm sure there are dozens more (every movie Zac has made) I'd love to know which movies you just can't go past.

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Penelope E said...

so here we go... in no particular order
1 titanic
2 the man in the iron mask
3 Romeo & Juliet
4 the notebook
5 clueless
6 princess diaries
7 Moulin Rough
8 How to loose a guy In 10 days
9 sweet home Alabama
10 cruel intentions (should seriously be played more on late night tv!)
11.... sorry have to add the drew barrymore classic Never Been Kissed and Ever After!!
12... of course hairspray BUT thats still on prime time!!

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