Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tiny Dates

We know all about men who date taller women - Keith and Nicole, Katie and Tom. Celebrity women are proving it is acceptable to date shorter men, but what about the less than tall men who don't want to be towered over by their dates?  
We know a certain friend of the Hollow - let's call him 'Coffee Boy' who is in the market for a date but needs to be able to tuck her under his arm - not gaze up at her.
We've compiled a list of gorgeous ladies who are not hampered by excess inches and  would be perfect for 'Coffee Boy' to choose from....

Hillary Duff - 5'1"
 Hayden Panettiere - 5'1"

Jessica Alba - 5'7

 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen - 5'1"

 Avril Lavigne - 5'2"

Emma Roberts - 5'4"

 Reece Witherspoon - 5'2"

 Natalie Portman - 5'3"

Nicole Ritchie - 5'1"

Rachel Bilson - 5'2"

 Shaikira - 4'11"

Baby V, Vanessa Hudgens - 5'2"

So there you go 'Coffee Boy' - I know some are married and some are waaaay too old for you but if we have given you a little hope then our job is done.  Go forth and find yourself a Miss Petite all of your own.


Anonymous said...

My picks would be Rachel Bilson or Emma Roberts!! That Shakira is a shrimp, although clearly is to hampered by this!

Cindylover1969 said...

"I know some are married and some are waaaay too old for you"

And some of them (Jessica, Hilary, Reese, Natalie) have kids, which might be a drawback. I'd go for Hilary, Jessica or Hayden (bonus: Hayden likes older guys, and I'm a lot older and bigger than she is). :)

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