Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well hello Neighbour......

I think it's kinda funny they have remade FRIGHT NIGHT, and even funnier that Colin Farrell and Toni Collette are in it!!!!

Phone love

Let's face it, Lenny has always had 'cool' by the bucketload. check out his 'cool' phone in NYC this week!

I liked this shot


Warner Bros have set up a fabulous new site that allows you to translate English in to ... wait for it .... Parceltongue!!!  How fabulous is that!  Check it out here

News From Roadshow

Breaking news! Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, X-Men Origins) will attend the Australian premiere of his superhero action flick GREEN LANTERN in Melbourne on Tuesday August 9, 2011 before he walks the red carpet at the Sydney premiere the following night!

Oh yes please!  I think the Stars Hollow staff need to be at that.  Best we work on it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Hart Of Dixie

Loving Lex on Twitter....

I really need to know what movie this is....

Michael Rosenbaum (on Twitter)

Another fun day of filming with pals @daxshepard1 @IMKristenBell -real treat.Got crap beat out of me & got to beat someone with a golf club.

A film with Michael, Dax AND Kristen!! Hell Yes!

After extensive research I've discovered the movie is 'Outrun' and according to Dax - 'it’s like a Sundance version of Smokey and the Bandit, a car chase movie. A low-budget car chase movie. All my friends are in it, all of the same group of guys who were in Brother’s Justice are in it.'
Dax is directing and starring alongside Kristen in the film.  we'll have to keep our eye on this one.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ginny's All Grown Up

Bonnie Wright has certainly changed over the course of the Harry Potter franchise.

Facebook Update - Lex Luthor

Michael Rosenbaum

Are they really making a new FOOTLOOSE? I mean who are the creative wizards who make these decisions? I want to cry.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Miley Cyrus - Gypsy Heart Tour - Review

Miley Cyrus Melbourne concert Miley Cyrus Melbourne concert

 Well she rocked!!  I knew I was excited but I didn't really know what to expect, a fun pop concert most likely.  It turned out that wasn't to be.  Miley's concert was a rock concert pure and simple.  She absolutely knocked it out of the park - Her voice was amazing, the voice of a hard drink'n and smoke'n rocker twice her age, powerful and perfectly suited to the rock feel of the show.  'Every Rose Has It's Thorns' showcasing her voice and her ability to pull off a killer power ballad.

A highlight for me was her Joan Jett nod - I Love Rock n Roll, followed by Cherry Bomb and Bad Reputation!  Joan would have been proud.

She managed to incorporate most of her hits which kept the younger audience happy - as evidenced by the insane volume of their appreciation, but for those who had left our teens behind (way behind for some of us) her rendition of Teen Spirit by Nirvana was a risky but ultimately perfect addition to the set list.  What a gutsy choice - an iconic song by an iconic band - she absolutely owned it and proved she is a talent well beyond her years.

I look forward to seeing where she goes from here and what direction she takes her career - My tip is that the pop will slowly disappear to be replaced by a pure Rock goddess.  Nice work Miley.
(all photos belong to Stars Hollow)

Too much fun

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miley On Today Show

You are very lucky that there have been so few Miley posts as I am off to the concert tonight and I am inordinately excited about it.  I'll let you know ALL about it tomorrow but to get me (and you) in the mood here she is earlier in the week on the Today Show.


Miley On Today Show

You are very lucky that there have been so few Miley posts as I am off to the concert tonight and I am inordinately excited about it.  I'll let you know ALL about it tomorrow but to get me (and you) in the mood here she is earlier in the week on the Today Show.


A little Bacon......

Pink's Baby

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hmmmm, Penn Badgley as Jeff Buckley???

Apparently confirmed that he has won the role in a film essentially celebrating Jeff Buckley's life with his father.

Not so much actually!!!! Not a fan, unless he is in a mascot costume (EASY A)

Others in line were apparently Robert Pattinson and James Franco. Franco probably had the look down, but Rob really wanted it bad!!!

What about Tom Sturridge? Got to be better than Badgley!

Glee Will Graduate.

 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy says he's planning on replacing most of the cast of the hit Fox series by the end of Season 3.  this makes a lot of sense as we don't want the usual debacle of following them to College which as we know rarely works (One Tree Hill being an exception).
Ryan believes the show should be true to a high school timeline which is a great idea.  Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch will stay on as Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester, but unknown actors will make their way into William McKinley just as Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet did last season.

What a great showcase for other talented young actors - can't wait to meet the next bunch of Gleeks.


Monday, June 20, 2011

He's here!!!!

Miley Cyrus kept boyfriend Liam Hemsworth waiting for an hour as she spent AUD$500 on Tibetan and Nepalese items, including brightly-coloured bolsters and cushions 'fit for a pop princess's boudoir'.

Miley and Liam visited Sydney's Ganapati store (named after the Indian god, Ganesh) on Monday afternoon.

Liam stood waiting in a corner as Miley shopped with girlfriends from her Gypsy Heart world tour entourage

BAD TEACHER gag reel

Cameron Diaz has a filthy mouth!!!!!

Whose bottom? (haven't played this for awhile!!)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Man and Dog......sigh.....

Seriously, could this guy get any cuter? Taking his puppy 'George' to film sets etc. Men and dogs......well,,,,it does things, doesn't it!!!!!!! Since when are you allowed to carry dogs through airports anyway....


We admit that we have been pretty down on the remake of thhis 80's classic but by the looks of this photo it may just introduce a whole new audience to this story.  for us it will never take the place of the original but maybe, just maybe it may be ok in it's own right.

 Kenny Wormald and  Julianne Hough certainly look like they're enjoying themselves.  The first trailer will be released on the 21st so check back and see how it's looking.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Picture this........The Place behind the Pines

It's too much!!! The Ryan Gosling starrer, written and directed by his BLUE VALENTINE director, The Place Behind the Pines, is looking like a mighty fine production, Ryan is playing a pro motorcycle rider who starts robbing banks to support his newborn son until he crosses paths with a determined young cop, to be played by the insanely delightful and spunky Bradley Cooper, and the producers are now in negotiations to add one moody Australian hunk, Ben mendelsohn to the cast! Oh mY!!!!


Maui Film festival

Next year I'm headed to Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival! It seems to bring out the best in young actors.

Do you recall last year, when Zac won the Shining Star Award, took his brother, went surfing etc...

Well this year, there is a new crew there to accept awards and generally chill in the sunny state. Is it just me or is the sunny climate working for Andrew Garfield?

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