Thursday, March 1, 2012


LIKE CRAZY opens today in Aust in selected cinemas. I loved this film and reviewed it in November, here is a little reminder for you. If you love love, you'll love LIKE CRAZY!

Have you ever been in love? Then the love has been taken from you, through no fault of your own, and you felt as though your heart would break in two, and every waking thought somehow involves your love, and time helps ease the pain, but you never forget........that love.........that person.........the one you loved like crazy..........

LIKE CRAZY is a film. It is romantic and heartbreaking and it feels very real, especially for anyone who has struggled with a long distance relationship. It starts with the falling. The delight of a new romance. The tenderness, the touches, the excitement. Jacob and Anna are students together at college, Jacob is from America and Anna is from England, so when visa issues arise and Anna must leave for London, they are separated. So essentially the film is about them being together, and trying to be apart.

I posted a trailer a few months ago describing the film as 'achingly gorgeous', and it is. The two stars of this film are so perfect in these roles. Anton Yelchin, whom i recognised as the little boy in 'Hearts of Atlantis', plays Jacob, and Felicity Jones is gorgeous as Anna. This girl will be a star. She is so beautiful, amazing lips, gorgeous onscreen presence, and very believable. And you may recognise her most recently from Chalet Girl! The film also stars Jennifer Lawrence who will be seen next in THE HUNGER GAMES.

This film takes you to a place, a past romance, a lost love, a reminded me a little of watching BEFORE SUNRISE, so if you liked that, then you will love this. Be wary of watching it with males, none in the screening I was at, were nearly as enamoured with this film as I, or any of the other females in the room. The film feels so real, with even the tiny details giving away the fact that is loosely based on the director's own romantic past.

The film was voted audience favourite at Sundance Film Festival. It's a sweet intimate piece that will keep you thinking and remembering..........the torture of being in love.

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Cool Rider said...

My Chalet Girl! - I'm now even more excited to see it. Girls night???

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