Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck turned 40 yesterday.  I feel like I've known him since he was just a kid.  Well it's been 20 years since I first met Ben in SCHOOL TIES, and then DAZED AND CONFUSED and then of course in 1997 GOOD WILL HUNTING.   I thought Ben was cute, but he was a no go zone for me.  you see I was dating his best friend, so although I loved him like a mate that was kinda as far as it went.   GOOD WILL HUNTING is, and will always be one of my favourite films, and I so admired Ben and Matt for not only writing the script but sticking to their guns when signing with a studio.  They wouldn't sign a deal unless they were attached as the lead actors, and it paid spades.  Both Matt and Ben were loyal to people who helped them out in the early days.  For example , Ben has appeared in many Kevin Smith films, whether the role was large or small.  Think Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma.  He sang 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' to Liv Tyler in ARMAGEDDON and appeared in the gorgeous SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (falling in love with his co star Gwyneth Paltrow - do you remember those days?  the double dates between he and Gwyneth and Matt and Winona?)

Then tragedy struck for Ben.........he started to date J Lo.  He became Bennifer.  He appeared in the film clip for 'Jenny from the block' (which to this day was his lowest point, but boy does it amuse me!), and the biggest tragedy of all, for any actor in the history of film making, he appeared in GIGLI.  His career died.  His relationship died.  His bestie was going from strength to strength and he was being left behind.  But Ben has clawed his way back.  He is now not only noted for his acting chops but his work behind the camera is held in high regard e.g. THE TOWN, GONE BABY GONE, and the about to be released ARGO.  He appears to have a happy homelife with Jen Garner and his 3 kids and he remains  best friends with Matt.

Welcome back Ben Affleck.  We celebrate you and your sometimes forgotten hotness!

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