Monday, August 13, 2012

Where Are They Now? - Dean Geyer

 Remember Dean Geyer? The Australian singer-songwriter and actor who came third in the 2006 season of  Australian Idol?   Since Idol he has appeared on Neighbours, and was engaged to one of the Veronicas.  

He was also renowned for his virginity and his Christianity!  Well now Mr Geyer has turned up on GLEE!!!

He plays  series regular Brody Weston, a handsome upperclassman at NYADA who shows an interest in Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry.  Nice work Dean.

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dancing in beaumont said...

Wow! That's a fairly big jump from Neighbours to Glee for someone who had never acted before! Good work. And cute as a button. (I was always a little concerned by the whole virginity thing, but I expect that that has now been rectified!)

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