Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Here are some famous Dads and their offspring enjoying each other's company ....  Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful Dads out there.

 Ben Affleck and Violet

 Keith Urban and Sunday

 Matt Damon and kids

 David and Harper Beckham

 billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

 Brad Pitt and brood

 Donald and Keiffer Sutherland

 Gene and Nick Simmons

 Jerry and Ben Stiller

 Martin and Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

 Prince Charles with Harry and Will

 ron and Bryce Dallas Howard

 Snoop Dog and kids

 Steve and Bindi Urwin

 Cam and Everleigh Gigandet

 Heath and Matilda Ledger

 Hugh Jackman and kids

 Jason and Francesca Bateman

 Jerry, dolly and Charlie O'Connell

 Joel and Harlow Madden

Neil Patrick and Harper Harris-Burtka

Chris and India Hemsworth


Laura said...

Really cute dads ^^

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dancing in beaumont said...

A fascinating collection of dads. love your work! cam and his baby still get me every time. Chris hemsworth, of course. and the beautiful Heath, what a shame he didn't get to see his beautiful Matilda grow up

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