Monday, December 20, 2010

The Chan and Jenna Together Again

Stars Hollow's favourite bogan married couple - The Tatums - have just begun filming on their new movie.  Yes we get to see both of them in the same movie taking us back to the halcion days of Step Up.
The movie is TEN YEAR which we mentioed a little while ago and also stars Chris Pine, Haylie Duff, Justin Long, Scott Porter, John Krasinski, Anna Faris and her husband Chris Pratt, Brian Geraghty and Kate Mara.  It is an ensemble rom-com about a group of friends reuniting 10 years after leaving school.  It is scheduled for release in 2011 so best we keep our eye on it and those delightful Tatums now that they have got it off the ground.

1 comment:

dancing in beaumont said...

Cool cast!!! Would like to hang out with all of them in a bar after a day of filming!! Chris Pratt = looove him!!

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