Thursday, December 2, 2010

New 21 Jump Street

In the tradition of 'Footloose' the powers that be have decided to re-make another cult classic - 21 Jump Street - the 80's TV show that introduced us to the delights of Johnnie Depp.
This time it will be a movie and the only thing that is saving it in my eyes is the fact that the delicious bogan, Channing Tatum has signed on to star.
The movie will also star Jonah Hill and the two actors will also co-executive produce the movie.

What are your thoughts - should they introduce 21 JS to a new audience or leave well enough alone?


Beth said...

I'm not convinced! The Chan is no JD

dancing in beaumont said...

our hot bogan cannot save this! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! 21 Jump St was a time and place and lets be honest, it was Johnny Depp!!!!

Lizeylou said...

noooooooooooooooo ... leave it alone!!! But maybe bring the Chan back a bit more - I like his muscles!!

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