Friday, October 7, 2011

My Week With Marilyn

This movie tells the story of Monroe's first -- and disastrous -- trip to England, to film a movie with the legendary Sir Laurence Olivier.  The film, recounts her interaction and brief fling with Colin Clark, one of production assistants on the film, who wrote a book documenting the entire event.   Michelle Williams stars as Marilyn while an amazing cast of English actors support her.  Look out for Emma Watson in her first outing since Harry Potter.    This movie has had mixed reviews so far but there is already talk of an Oscar nomination for Michelle.  This looks like a fascinating glimpse into a life that we know so much, and yet so little about.
Cool Rider


dancing in beaumont said...

is this the one that Lindsay Lohan was complaint that she didn't get cast in???? Loser!!!

Lou Lou said...

cant wait to see this...Michelle will do Marilyn proud!

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