Sunday, July 31, 2011


On Saturday (July 29) morning, Cameron Crowe was asked about the possibility of a sequel to the 1989 coming-of-age romantic classic "Say Anything..."

"It’s the only thing that I’ve written that I would consider doing that with," Crowe told reporters. "I’ve thought about it from time to time and talked about it with John Cusack once and just said this is the only story that I kind of think there might be another chapter to that at some point."

"Say Anything..." starred Cusack as the iconic Lloyd Dobler and also featured Ione Skye, John Mahoney and Lili Taylor. But it was a less prominent character Crowe spoke of bringing back.

"We have to keep the guy, the drunk guy that Lloyd Dobler has to drive home from the prom party," Crowe said. "He’s got to come back. I think about him, too. Mike Cameron, yeah."

Saturday night DJ

Friday, July 29, 2011

Miley Doing Good

Miley has spent time in Haiti helping out with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and she's due to make a return trip soon.  Nice to see her so involved in such a worthy mission.  This footage from the Starkey website was too lovely not to share.  Nice work Miley.

How Hot Is THOR?!?!

I think Chris Hemsworth has made the decision of 'Hottest Marvel Hero' waaay too easy.  Would you take a look at the man!  Cocky, funny, strong as all hell and a hammer weilding god.  Doesn't get much hotter.....sigh....

Hurry up Avengers.

The Avengers

Those of you who have been lucky enough to see Captain America will know that there is a treat in store at the end of the credits!! 
For those of you who haven't we highly recommend you stay in your seats until the very end....
here is a teaser for you....

Two And A Half Men - First Look

Same poster - with one slight difference - can you spot it.  Wonder if he sings the theme song too?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ryan says......

...."when I go out with my friends and have had too many drinks we like to try and lift each other on the dance floor and do the 'Dirty Dancing' lift."

Fall'n For Jim

Jim Sturgess in one of my top ten film scenes of all time - I've probably posted this before but what the hell....

Would it be terribly wrong of me to say that I prefer it to The Beatles version?


Not only was the awesome poster below released today, but so was the trailer. Looks awesome!

They Paid How Much???

The gated Tuscan Villa that was the TV home for Vincent Chase and the boys on Season 7 of  "Entourage" has been sold for $4.2 million.  Wonder if Vinny is thrown in with it?

Entourage House

Clooney Vs. Gosling

Hunger Games

Hey Gamers!  We've seen the first pics of Katniss Everdeen but now we get to see the hotest boys in the district - Gale and Peeta.

Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games

Although Gale and Peeta skirt each other for most of the 3 book series, in real life Liam and Josh became great buddies and have been hanging out a lot since filming.

Two words -- JIM STURGESS

Just out of a screening of ONE DAY......more on that soon, but Jim, WOW. If you are not yet familiar with this lovely creature, get yourself a copy of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, TO ACQUAINT YOURSELF before you see HIS AMAZINGNESS in ONE DAY!

The Place Beyond the pines

First glimpse of Ryan's blonded locks and tattoos for the film with Bradley Cooper, THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is not good!

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted leaving Paris Hilton's party in the arms of 'our' Brett Tucker! (long story, but he was definitely ours before he was hers!) his taste has gone down considerably!

More bad hair.....

It's the day for bad hair. I'm thinking Ben must have just been to the hairdressers. You know how you pay so much at the hairdressers and then you walk out and then the first thing you have to do is get far enough away from the hairdresser's window so you can mess that 'do' up. Well, I believe the camera has caught ben, post hairdresser, pre mess up!! Am hoping, anyway!!!!

I know it is for a film role

but now I am one of your friends, as you did share your stories with me, I feel that we can discuss your new hair! Basically, as soon as filming has finished on your new telemovie, get thee to a hairdresser!!!!!

This is Kit Harington.....

Remember that name......I'm currently watching him in 'Game of Thrones', a bit of an awesome new series, and he is a little bit spunky!!!! Not done much to date, but he will!!!

The Ship Song Project

It's really hard not to love this beautiful song at the best of times, however, check this lovely interpretation done for the Sydney Opera House. Daniel Johns a highlight, only thing missing...Nick Cave!

Cutest Spiderman EVER!!!


Andrew Garfield surprised the fans at Comic Con by taking the microphone in a store-bought Spidey suit, pretending to be a devotee of the comic. He then unmasked and proceeded to give one of the cutest speeches ever, discussing his excitement about the role and even saying that Peter Parker saved his life. I dare you not to fall in love with him!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cute as you like, Smurfette!

Great frock!! Katy Perry at the Smurfs Premiere! She is the voice of Smurfette.


Who is this gorgeous actor playing LUCIFER???

Hard to see it from this shot....but it's Bradley Cooper.

Snow White

Here are some first images of 'Snow White & The Huntsman' - Not the Snow White we are used to but infinitely more interesting I think.


Zac Goes R-Rated

The lovely Zac has signed on to play a hard-partying college student in an R-rated comedy, starring opposite Seth Rogen.  What a huge departure for Zac and rather a welcome one.  It's nice to see Zac loosening up a little - he is extremely driven and serious about his career so it is nice to see his lighter side.  Zac can definitely do funny, with great comedic timing and an ability to light up the screen.  In the movie Seth's character lives near Efron's frat house and has his life turned upside down as a result. With Seth on board it is bound to be an enjoyable romp.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Forever 27 Club

After hearing of Amy's death today, I headed to the net to read a bit about what happened. In my research I discovered the 'Forever 27 club'. This club is actually believed to be a curse, a statistical anomaly, and has at least 34 members to date. That is, over 34 musicians that have died at the age of 27. These musicians include Kurt Cobain (1994), Jim Morrison (1971), Jimi Hendrix (1970) Janis Joplin (1970) and now Amy Winehouse. A coincidence or a curse???? Intriguing!!!

Amy Winehouse Dead

"Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square NW1 shortly before 16.05hrs today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased. On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene. Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained."

Bel Ami

This may just be the movie that shows us Robert Pattinsons talent - we had glimpses of it in Remember Me but I think this is the one that will make him an actor to be noticed.
Set in Paris,  Robert plays a man who sleeps his way to the top as he rises from humble beginnings.  He stars opposite Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Uma Thurman - three woman who fall for His characters charms.
Bel Ami is based on the 1885 French novel of the same name by Guy de Maupassant.

This is stupid

Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's been awhile between reviews, not only have I not seen many films lately, but I've been lazy with reviewing the ones I have seen!

Saying that, this is one film I am so glad I caught. LITTLE WHITE LIES is a gorgeous French Film whose story revolves around a group of friends who spend summers together at a lovely beach house owned by one of the couples. This year, however, is a little different, as one of their group is seriously injured in a motorbike accident just prior to them leaving, but having been reassured that they could be of no use to the injured Ludo, they decide to take the holiday anyway. Their time is spent drinking wine, smoking, talking, sleeping etc. It's not an exciting film, but one which engrosses you in the everyday lives of fairly 'normal' folks. It is a modern, slowish, French 'Big Chill' kinda vibe!

One of the main reasons I enjoyed this film so much is Marion Cotillard. Man, is she beautiful. she spends most of this film, in daggy clothes and no makeup and is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. In fact, the cast is so beautiful, and not all in the traditional sense, but so interesting and beautiful to watch and listen to, that the overlongish 2 1/2 hours, slips by rather easily!

The soundtrack is amazing and I will definitely be purchasing. Including Ben harper, Damien Rice and even Jet, it's a ripper!

This film made me laugh out loud and cry out loud......yes, in the cinema! I'm not someone that has to rush out to French films, but so glad i did for this one. So off you hop and be engrossed by someone else's problems for a couple of hours, albeit, gorgeous, wine drinking, smoking, sexy French people!!!

Saturday night DJ

Very cool Sydney band playing sold out gigs at the Corner Hotel this weekend. They are like a chilled out hippie Vampire Weekend vibe.....try them...I think you may like them.

PS You may see a leopard you may know!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A quickie

And arriving at the Today Show in a short sleeved cardy!

Ryan update

Ryan on jimmy Fallon, with gorgeous George! On air tonight in Australia!! Can't wait!

Two And A Half Men

I've always enjoyed Two & A Half Men but I thought the weakest link was Charlie Sheen - he just never worked for me.  I'm very excited to see how Ashton Kutcher's character fits in to the show and look forward to seeing how they accomplish such a big change.

Matt's Made A Change..

Looks like vanessa isn't the only one who's made a visit to the hairdresser!

matt damon shaved head 05

Bruno Mars - Love Gone Sour

The gorgeous Bruno Mars has written a new song - but it's not quite what you'd expect.  check it out!

SPIDERMAN - Teaser Trailer

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OMG - Vanessa's Gone Short

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens

It's all in the name of a movie role - Baby V has gone to extreme lengths to get in to character and has chopped off her mane.  What do you think?

Whoa! Vanessa Hudgens Really Chopped Off Her Hair!

First Poster

A still of the new The Hunger Games motion poster.

There's a cool motion poster too so check it out if you get a chance.

Dallas - Can't Wait...

      It's still a year away but here is our first taste of the Dallas revival.  There are plenty of throwbacks to the Dallas of old for those looking: stand-offs over drilling rights in the country, bitter family squables, and iconic Southfork Ranch  - what it also has is a very pretty new cast with some welcome returning faces.  The intro harks back to the 80's version as does the soundtrack and I for one am looking forward to some Ewing drama with pleasure. 


Blood & Sand

In January 2012 Spartacus will finally be back for a new full season of 13 episodes, but with a new ‘Spartacus’ actor. Here are the first photos of Liam McIntyre in action as the new Spartacus.

Liam McIntyre Spartacus: Vengeance

There has understandably been a lot of fan resistance to the new lead actor with many feeling that the show should not have continued without Andy who is currently battling cancer.  To the shows credit, the second season was put on indefinite hold and a prequel was filmed to give Andy time to recover but when Andy had to return for aggressive treatment the decision was finally made to continue without him. 
Apparently Andy got in touch with the director and said... ‘I love this story, I love the character, and I want to see it played all the way through, and you have my full support to do that.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harper Seven Beckham



Some first photos of the new Beckham - Harper Seven (7 was David's soccer jersey number when he played for Manchester United and captained the English National Team.) was born last week. 
Harper's brother, Romeo, suggested "Justine Bieber Beckham" as a possible name - not so far fetched for the Beckhams!


Rebecca may be back but, thank god, so are Blink 182!  That should even things out a bit. 
It's a joyous occasion for hardcore poppunk fans but the band themselves are taking it in stride.  After an eventful few years which included new bands and the infamous plane crash, the boys seem to have come back older and wiser - it will be interesting to see if it shows in their music.

Regardless of whether they are still the cheeky pranksters of the old days it's just good to have them back.

Oh No Rebecca's Back

Heaven forbid - there's another Rebecca Black song hitting the airwaves - remember her hideously addictive 'Friday'?  This song deals with what happened when that song went viral.

Bit of back story - Her mother paid $4,000 to have the single, 'Friday' and an accompanying music video put out as a vanity release through the record label ARK Music Factory.  After the video went viral on YouTube and other social media sites, "Friday" was derided by many music critics and viewers, who dubbed it "the worst song ever." The music video has more than 160 million views, causing Black to gain international attention as a "viral star", before being removed from the site on June 16!


While we are waiting for Liam Hemsworth to delight us in the Hunger Games we can get some joy from his other project - AWOL. 


Liam will star as the best friend and comrade-in-arms to Stowell, whose stateside girlfriend (AimeeTeegarden) dumps him. Together, they go AWOL and return to their Michigan hometown to win her back. Sounding like less of a war movie and more of a wartime love story, AWOL is set amidst the anti-war counterculture movement at the University of Michigan.

AWOL also stars Australian, Teresa Palmer who brought the gorgeous Scott Speedman to set this week...

teresa palmer scott speedman awol visit 05  teresa palmer scott speedman awol visit 11

Monday, July 18, 2011


Neville Longbottom on the Today Show tomorrow morning (Tuesday 19/7)

Ashley & Zac!!

These two are really making it hard to defend their 'friendship' status!!  But I almost wish it was true - haven't seen Zac having this much fun in ages...

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