Friday, February 24, 2012

Capitol Colours

We are all getting very excited about the imminenet release of The Hunger Games and now you will be able to paint your own nails in the colous of The Capitol.  

Lionsgate/China Glaze had developed a line of 12 shades based on the 12 Districts of Panem but now, according to a press release, the shades will be based on the Capitol and the line is now called “Colors from the Capitol.” For those who haven’t read the books, the Capitol is where Katniss and Peeta are sent for their make-overs and interviews before going into the Games. It’s a place that exudes extravagance in food, fashion and entertainment. The citizens of the Capitol wear outlandish costumes, elaborate wigs and use extraordinary amounts of make-up.  Since the nail polish line will be based on that area, it seems fair to expect some outlandish colors. 

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