Friday, February 10, 2012

Catch My Disease

Just finished watching CATCH MY DISEASE, the Ben lee documentary. I have always been a bit of a fan of his music, in particular, 'Awake is the New Sleep, but I have always wondered whether I actually liked him as a person. He was of course called a 'precocious little c**t' by Bernard Fanning at one stage, which I always thought seemed a little harsh, but he might just be right. I was expecting some insights and to learn a little about him, but this is a film that one of his best mates made, clearly in heavy consultation with Ben, and we learn nothing that he doesn't want us to know. We do learn about his famous friends, of which there are many, all willing to tell you how lovely he is and how magical his lyrics are. The line up includes Claire Danes, his ex of many years (and to whom he shared a very cool apartment that had a swing in it!), Winona Ryder, Michelle Williams, Ione Skye, his current wife, Adam Schwartzman, the Beastie Boys, etc. In fact, I did learn that the Ione Skye was originally married to Adam from the Beastie Boys. That was the thing I did learn, not much else. It's just him talking about himself, and talking about talking about himself! Easy enough to watch, but with little point to it. I would suggest this one is for hardcore fans only.

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