Friday, May 18, 2012

RIP Donna Summer

  I just heard the very sad news that Donna Summer has passed away. For me, there is no doubt that her song 'I Feel Love' had a dramatic effect on modern music. it was certainly a key influence on my work with Duran Duran. Together with producer Giorgio Moroder, Donna pioneered the use of electronic sequencers in dance music. Today that sound that seems so familiar, but in 1977, it was a brave new frontier. It's extremely rare that you hear one song that completely changes the way you perceive music, I Feel Love, achieved that.

Nick Rhodes 16 -5 -12

  For my part it was 'Hot Stuff' - one of the first songs I remember dancing and singing to in the mirror with my hairbrush microphone.The 'Bad Girls' album was one of the first that my Dad brought home in the 70s and it was on constant rotation at our house. 

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dancing in beaumont said...

was 'hot stuff' on a big m or a chiko roll commercial? Donna was played a lot in our house!

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