Thursday, May 3, 2012

Someone just got 'lucky'

Hollywood Life are reporting the following:
“Zac is getting his ‘cougar fix’ with her,” the source says. “He is totally into hooking up with older women because he feels like they know what they want. No clue if their romance will last but it’s hot.”
Life & Style previously reported that these two (Taylor Schilling) have been hooking up for a while and that Zac is bragging about it. But Zac, you should never kiss and tell!
Both of their reps are denying that they’re dating. But these two did seem to only have eyes for each other at the London premiere of their new movie The Lucky One.  “Zac’s not as serious,” the source told the magazine. “She’s definitely more into him.”
Certainly looks like they are into each other in this shot...and that shower scene didn't look too fake!

1 comment:

Cool Rider said...

I hope they are having fun - they're doing a heap of traveling together so why not I say!

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