Monday, October 8, 2012

Nicole as Grace

The first pic released from Nicole's new film - 'Grace of Monaco' 

Many critics have denounced the choice of Nicole for the role of Grace Kelly, declaring she doesn’t bear a resemblance to Grace but in this shot Nicole is clearly channelling some Princess of Monaco vibes.  I think she looks lovely but I am surprised at the choice of gown as Grace was strictly and pastels and white gloves kind a gal.

The film is not a biopic of the actress turned Princess of Monaco but will focus on her involvement behind the scenes in a tête-à-tête between her husband Prince Rainier III and President of France Charles de Gaulle over Monaco’s tax haven status during the early 1960s.  sounds interesting and it will be definitely worth seeing what Nicole does with the role.

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dancing in beaumont said...

Not sold! Grace was quite literally perfect.

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