Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Prince And Me 4

Just when you thought it was safe - they went and did another one!  How on earth did they think they could string this franchise out any further?
Apparently they could - and they have

We absolutely adored The Prince and Me starring Julia Stiles and Luke Mably, based loosely on the real life love story of our very own Princess Mary and Prince Frederick of Denmark. The leads were fabulously watchable and the story had all the ingredients to make the perfect Rom Com.

Then came The Prince and Me 2..... Julia Stiles was smart enough to jump ship but unfortunately for Luke Mably he was contracted to complete the second movie and it is worth watching this appalling film just to watch Luke grit his teeth and unhappily endure the experience.  The poor bastard is clearly aware how bad this film is - don't worry Luke we love you even more for surviving the experience.

 Then shock of shocks they released The Prince and Me 3 - how they had the balls to give it another go I don't know but this time even Luke escaped and the hapless Kam Heskin got a new Prince, Chris Geere, who has as much personality as a ham.

The characters are now King and Queen so even the title is obsolete, let alone the movie franchise.
Which brings us to number 4. 

Chris and Kam are back as the King and Queen of Denmark (Mary must be wincing in pain) and this time they are off to warmer climes for some royal shanannigans.  There are large chunks of this story line which seems to borrow heavily from the wonderful 'The King and I' but then again I am yet to see the whole film so I will reserve judgement.
I can feel an hilarious Prince and Me Marathon on the horizon for the Stars Hollow team. Want to come?

I'm now off to see if this experience completely derailed Luke Mably's career...stay tuned.

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