Sunday, January 22, 2012


I've been meaning to review this for awhile, and the reason is not because I didn't like this film, in fact, I loved it. In perfect Alexander Payne form, it is a slow drama revealing real people with real emotions. George Clooney leads a great cast but admittedly, he is the star here. George as an actor for me, never feels to be acting. I am not sure whether this is his acting or just that the roles he chooses don't require him to be anything more than who he is in real life, having said this, he is so mesmerising in this role, that you could never even contemplate another actor taking it on.

The story revolves around George's character,Matt, who is coming to terms with his wife having just had a life threatening injury, being left to look after two daughters that he admits he has only ever been a part time parent too, and then finding out that his wife was having an affair prior to her accident. (this is not spoiling the story for you) The rest of the film negotiates its way across Hawaii and Matt's emotions as he tackles everything that life throws at him. Special mention to Shailene Woodley, who plays Matt's teenage daughter. This is a lady we will need to watch in the future, she is beautiful and brilliant
In this film, even Hawaii has its moments of struggling to be the beautiful paradise we all expect it to be. George Clooney has just one a Golden Globe for this film, and the film actually won best film also, so expect more award fun for this film. If you are a fan of Alexander's previous work like SIDEWAYS and ABOUT SCHMIDT, then you will have already seen this film, if not, why not. This is a lovely, emotional, funny, ripper of a film. I know of people that have not liked it, but I feel confident that Hollow friends will really love this one. Even if you go to feel some love for George, Have you been finding him a little full of himself, smug, etc, just watch this and you will feel the love again. Vulnerable, emotional George is a delight.

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