Sunday, January 22, 2012


We went, because we thought it might be a little bit of fun, but we were very was a whole lot of fun! And you all thought we were stuck in the 80's! We were rocking the 90's on wednesday night at the Corner Hotel.

The night started with a DJ who played in-between sets pumping out tracks like Dr Jones, Mr Vain, What is Love, and many other songs whose names have momentarily left my brain, but at the time, I knew every single word, as did the rest of the crowd. Next up, THE HERBS, a Spice Girls cover band. Not just a few chicks dressed up as Baby and Sporty etc, but blokes with cool twists on Spice Girls originals. Lots of fun!

AND THEN, we were hit by the Venga bus. Seriously felt like we were hit. The crowd went nuts, not one person in the place was still. Every person knew all the words and were dancing to hits like BOOM BOOM BOOM, the Venga Bus, We Like to Party, etc. The costumes and dance moves onstage were amazing and they were hilarious with their strictly cheesy sleazy eurotrash vibes!

So I am aware that some of you may have mocked prior to this concert, but we had the last laugh. An absolutely ripper night. Who's up for AQUA????

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Cool Rider said...

HELL YEAH! That was the most fantastic night out - what a great surprise. AQUA here we come.

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