Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes - Red Carpet

Here is my 2 cents worth on the fashion at this year's Golden Globes.....

Diane Lane - looking lovely and clearly with secrets to share.

Emma Stone - once again she does not disappoint.  Willing to take a risk and always pulling it off.  

George Clooney/Stacy Keibler - not overly exciting but absolutely perfect.  Nice job you two.

Gerard Butler- nice head, not sure about the suit.

Guy Pearce - you are one handsome man and I'm proud that you're one of ours.  Loving the glasses and the choice of no tie - Gerard take note, this is how you do a 3 piece.

Heidi Klum - love it but I think we've seen it before....Cameron Diaz

Helen Mirren - words fail me.  You are superb.

Kate Winslet - love I think it's time to move past Mildred Pearce and start dressing for this century.

Kelly Osbourne - don't love it but at least she stands out and it's doing nice things for her figure

Maria Menounos - I absolutely love this dress on Maria but I would have loved it more without the 'prom' hair do.  Loose beach hair would have been fantastic.

Mila Kunis - channeling Black Swan in the hopes of another winning season?

 Natalie Portman -  great to see her back on the red carpet in a delicious colour

Sarah Michelle Geller - I'm not sure what to say about this - the tie dye is at least interesting and the colour is great but maybe a little less fabric may have helped.

 Michelle Williams - sorry I just don't like the dress, or the hair for that matter

 Jessica Biel - with the body you have maybe you shouldn't hide it behind so much nana lace.

Madonna - I actually love this as it suits her style perfectly and her hair and make up are much less harsh than usual. My only complaint is the glove!

Nicole Kidman - svelte but may be time to find a new designer.  Might be nice to see her in a different style to mix it up.

 Piper Perebo - she's down off the Coyote Bar and glamorous in nude - wondering though if it is a touch too long..

Melissa McCarthy -  rock'n the bubble fringe in a misguided attempt to inject a little 80's in to the proceedings

 Tilda Swinton - not usually a fan of Tilda's fashion but I must admit this is a striking mix of eclectic and glamorous.  Well done.

 Viggo Mortensen - You're a handsome man but you look like you're off to a business lunch

 Sophia Vigara - WOW!!!  This is how a woman should dress - I bow down to you oh goddess.

Madeline Stowe - Another lady in blue with hair that could have done with a little more attention.  She needs to take tips from Sohia on how to wear this style.

Debra Messing - she must have seen photos of my Year 12 formal dress

Nicole Ritchie - don't love it but don't hate it either just make sure you don't trip over Nic.

Kate Beckinsale - I'm a bit sick of the pose but she always looks lovely.  Stylish in pale as pale.

Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt - Thank god you didn't wear black Ms Jolie.  It may not be my favourite but kudos for trying something different.  Brad it may just be time for a haircut before you tip over into mutton dressed up as lamb.

Amanda Peet - it is too easy to tease you about this dress but I still love you because you're Amanda Peet!

Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan Tatum - Jenna love the colour, hate the dress.  Way too much tape needed to keep that puppy in place.  Chan - you are just The Chan and we love you.

Clare Danes - I like it - a little retro, a little rigid but a whole lot glamorous

Jessics Alba - not usually a fan of mauve but you look gorgeous in this colour.

Zooey Deschanel - I never thought I would have to say this but - bad hair Zooey!
Reece Witherspoon - you too Reece, what is with the big hair ladies?

Sarah Hyland - Gorgeous young lady with an innate style.  Looking forward to seeing her at more red carpet events.

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dancing in beaumont said...

ripper round up my friend. I must say, i found more to dislike than like. I have to say George and Stacey rocked it for me. They looked superb together.

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