Sunday, November 22, 2009


All this talk of Matt Damon's bottom in School ties has led to this week's retro Sunday. SCHOOL TIES is a film not that well known, but where I first really discovered Matt Damon. Although I was familiar with his one line in MYSTIC PIZZA, true love was not yet to be! I took myself off to see this film by myself in 1993, not really knowing much about it, but fell in love with it, and all the boys in it!

"Set in the 1950s, School Ties sheds light on the "true" nature of the old boys club. David Green (Fraser), a supreme athlete, is granted admission to an exclusive boarding school reserved for the country's blue bloods. Green hopes to use the school to get into Harvard, while the school uses him to win football championships. Everything is going as planned until a spoiled classmate Charlie Dillon (Damon), finds out that Green is Jewish. Given the time and circumstances, this does not sit well with his classmates. The movie comes to a climax when the classmates are forced to choose between Green and Dillon in a cheating scandal. The movie really highlights the religious inequality that took place at that time in America. One also comes to realize how the elite maintain their status and privilege by attending schools such as the one in this movie." synopsis courtesy IMDB.

I guess the star of the film is Brendan Fraser, who to be honest, has never floated my boat, but he is excellent as David Green, the outsider with a secret. Chris O'donnell, was also good, and then there was Matt Damon, who plays an absolutely hideously nasty kid, but you can definitely see his potential. The supporting cast also includes Ben Affleck, Cole Hauser, who also went onto to GOOD WILL HUNTING after becoming friends with Matt and Ben on the set, and of course there was a girl that was in a love triangle with the leads played by an actress by the name of Amy Locane.

Anyway, if you liked DEAD POETS SOCIETY and GOOD WILL HUNTING, you should give SCHOOL TIES a watch!

Complete Trailer can be found here.

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Jenny said...

He was just sooo horrible - I think it took me a long time to see him as a nice guy after that role. I felt so sorry for Brendon's character. Underrated flick list needed I think.

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