Monday, November 16, 2009


As you are no doubt aware, NEW MOON opens this week, so I am here to pose the hard questions. Let's put them up against each other and sort this out. Where do your feelings lie???

ROOT, SHOOT OR MARRY, the boys of NEW MOON edition! Give it your best shot!!!

Robert Pattinson (Edward)

Taylor Lautner (Jacob)

Kellan Lutz (Emmett)

nb for the purpose of this exercise let's just pretend that all boys are of an age that is appropriate!!!!!


Jen said...

Root--Robert, of course!!!

Shoot--Kellan (b/c I had to pick someone and he doesn't really do anything for me)

Marry--Taylor (He just seems like the sweetest kid.)

Jenny said...

I think the two Jens feel the same way about this one although my reason for shooting Kellan is due to the fact that he is dating that weird looking chick from 90210. She kind of freaks me out so I'll kill Kellan by default.
I'll root Rob because, well it would probably be good! and I don't think I could stand all that brooding in a husband.
Which leaves me marrying wolf boy which I'm quite happy with. He's young, sweet, stacked and willing to learn I'll bet!! Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

yep i think im with you two girls...but i will be needing more than 1 root!
actually on second thought i could live with that jawline forever..but i dont like a man who is skinnier than me.i cant decide.i will root them all and then decide !!

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