Friday, September 9, 2011

BEGINNERS - movie review

I had been wanting to see this one for awhile, and as it turns out, definitely worth the wait!

BEGINNERS is a quirky little film starring Captain Von Trapp himself, Christopher Plummer, always a delight to watch, and the very cute and talented Ewan McGregor. It is essentially a beautiful story about love. My favourite topic of all!!

The story moves around a timeline spanning 40 years or so, flashing back via photos, magazine covers and images of presidents, giving the viewer an insight into the 44 yo marriage between Oliver's father (Plummer) and his mother who are both very well aware that Hal (Plummer) is gay, but in a time he daren't be. so they are married and live in supposed wedded bliss for 44 years until Oliver's mother dies, at which time, Hal well and truly comes out of the closet. These scenes are some of the funniest and charming in the film. For the rest of the film, we jump between the last years of Hal's life and Oliver's life post his father's death. (by the way, I'm not spoiling the film by telling you any of this). Oliver meets Anna, played by the very gorgeous Melanie Laurent, and we watch their relationship develop. However, my personal favourite in the film is the relationship between Oliver and his dead father's dog, Arthur.

The film is poignant, sad, happy, charming, and just plain lovely all at the same time. It's emotional, and deals with death, cancer, sexual repression and yet it never feels heavy. It's light and fun and romantic and all performances are superb. If you like your romantic comedies a little offbeat, then this is for you. definitely worth a look!

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