Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Brownlow Blue Carpet -

(WARNING - This post is for Australians as it will mean absolutely nothing to the rest of you!)

It is going to be a very big week for my fellow editor as, unfortunately she is a Collingwood supporter so not only are her team in the Grand Final, but a Collingwood player also won the Brownlow last night.  Congrats to Dane Swan who is clearly a very deserving winner even if he does play for Collingwood.  But seriously, the only reason we all tune in to this train wreck of an awards night is to see the footy players wives strut their stuff.  For some reason this most boring of ceremonies still manages to transfix us all and has an almost hypnotic quality to it.  Anyway..... The Blue Carpet. 

I'm going to start with some Saints because we all know they are the true stars of the AFL!

 Brendon Goddard & partner / Nick Dal Santo & partner

Ben McEvoy & partner /  Nick Riewoldt and Catherine Heard

  Kylie & Jonathon Brown /  Rouba & Bachar Houli

 Chris and Rebecca Judd / Renae Wouhop, G.F. of Mark Nicoski

Gary Ablett & Lauren Phillips

Brad & Anna Green

Daniel & Kelly Giansiracusa

Jimmy Bartel & Nadia Coppolino

Scott Pendlebury & Alex Davis

Rory Sloane & Belinda Riverso

and let's not forget Brynne and Geoff Edelsten

Hope that gets you up to date on the world of Aussie WAGS!
Cool Rider

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