Friday, September 23, 2011

White Frog

What first attracted me to the film White Frog was its' cast.  Harry Shum Jnr, the amazing dancer and 'other Asian' from Glee was the first name that caught my eye.  I follow Harry on Twitter so was interested to see what his film was like - especially when I realised he was sharing the screen with Boo Boo Stewart.  You may recognise Boo Boo from Twilight (Seth Clearwater).  What absolutely sealed the deal was the presence of Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf).  All three of these young men are on my list of 'ones to watch' so I had high hopes.

White Frog follows a family dealing with the death of Chaz Young (Shum), a brother, son and friend.

Tyler Posey plays a high school senior who befriends Booboo’s Nick (Chaz' brother), who has Asperger’s Syndrome.  This is an independent film which should get a release next year.

When the trailer to a film makes you cry then you know it's worth watching.  Yes, I teared up.  What do you think - would you go and see it?

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