Tuesday, October 27, 2009


so, it's Halloween this weekend. It's not a custom that a lot of Australians get into, but it is one that is celebrated well in the Hollow! (well by half of the Hollow anyway!) In celebration of the upcoming date, please ponder on the wonder that is the pumpkin dedicated to Edward.

in the creator's words
"If I had the chance to describe my pumpkin to Robert Pattinson (assuming I could put more than two words together while looking at him!), I would tell him that it is my tribute to the wonderful job he has done in bringing Edward Cullen to life on screen, and a sign of my impatience as I am waiting for the release of "New Moon.""

PS. there is a whole series of these which i may bring to you each day in celebration of the spook's season! I myself, will probably choose to listen to the spooky tunes of DEAD MAN'S BONES!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

So reassuring to know there are people out there more strange than we are. BOO!!

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