Saturday, October 17, 2009


In celebration of The Chan being in a Nicholas Sparks weepy - I thought I might do a post celebrating all boys of the bogan persuasion - only the hot ones of course.

First up is the man that coined the term - Hot Bogan - Mr Channing Tatum himself

We were suss on the Chan being a bogan but our suspicions were confirmed when we saw the wedding cake!!
Mr Eric Bana, rev head and self confessed bogan who quite frankly gives all bogans hope of a better life.

Not only is he a Australian Rules footballer which immediately qualifies him as a bogan, but Mr Ben Cousins has repeatedly disgraced himself , and sports full bogan tatts on his stomach - A very hot Bogan!

David Beckham - Have you heard him speak? Enough said.

I'm sure there are many more Hot Bogans out there - this is just a taste. I even have a few Hot Bogan Chicks up my sleeve but I'll save them until another time.


dancing in beaumont said...

am trying to think of some hot bogans. they are out there.

PS what's with the Chan's package? looks a little odd???

Lesley said...

Mmmmm my heart, (is it just my heart) is warming to hot bogan boyss

Jenny said...

It's certainly not hard to warm to these blokes Leslie! Never thought I'd love a bogan but the Chan has proved me wrong.

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