Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Root, Shoot, Marry!

K. and I often find ourselves discussing the merits of certain fellows and coming to the conclusion that although they have many admirable qualities, we probably wouldn't 'bed down' with them if the offer presented its self (and we were single, of course!). There are also those boys out there that would definitely make a dirty sex weekend magical but they'd be the last person on earth you'd trust in the long term. Hence, our newest Star's Hollow segment -

I am going to give you a choice of 3 people and you need to decide which one you would root, which you would marry and which you would just get rid of all together. You must chose one for each section. Sound fun? I'll start you off with an easy one -
How about a celebration of the Pirate!
First up Mr Jonnie Depp -

Mr Orlando BloomMr Geoffrey Rush

There are your choices people - now what's your verdict?


Jenny said...

This is not quite as easy as I thought - I always thought I would choose the Depp to marry but I'm going to go with Orlando to spend the rest of my life with because although equally hot I think Jonnie might just be a little left of center for me. I'll save him for a romantic weekend of kooky sex and unfortunately I'm going to have to sacrifice Geoffrey just because the other two are so hot. Yes, I know I am shallow but can you blame me.
so - Depp - Root
Rush - Shoot
Bloom - marry

dancing in beaumont said...

root - orlando (practically have anyway!)
shoot - geoffrey (sadly, although most interesting I'm sure, I too am shallow!)
marry - johnny (i would leave my life and everything in it in a second if I thought I could marry Johnny Depp!)

Kell said...

Will join the shallow end of the pool with you girls.
Any chance I can have my cake and eat it with the other two????????

Jen said...

This was simple for me:

Root: Bloom
Shoot: Rush
Marry: Depp

Lizeylou said...

Easy easy easy ....

Root Mr Depp
Shoot Mr Rush
Marry Mr Bloom
and then if I thought that I could get away with it, I might even have to Root Mr Depp one more time!!! (but then cheating on Mr Bloom would be very hard!)

Lesley said...

Marry Johnny Depp
Root Orlando Bloom(maybe, maybe not))
shoot Mr Rush (but now I feel sorry for Geoffrey, because everyone wants to shoot him.)(problem I couldn't have sex with someone I feel sorry for either)

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