Friday, October 23, 2009

Root, Shoot, Marry - The Irish Edition

Well obviously the last installment of Root Shoot Marry was waaay too easy with poor old Geoffrey Rush shot over and over again. Now that you have the idea I thought I'd make things a little harder. Let's see who you decide to knock off out of these 3 Irish lads.

Colin Farrell - His father and uncle were both professional athletes, and for a while, it looked like Colin would follow in their footsteps. However, he tried to join a band, but could make it due to the fact that he was tone deaf. After dropping out of The Gaiety School of Acting, Farrell was cast in "Ballykissangel", a BBC television drama, and the rest is history. The big drinking, drug taking, girl lov'n Irishman cleaned up his act and manages to charm the pants off everyone he meets. We particularly love him as he has donated his salary for 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' to Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda (who was left nothing in a will that had not been updated in time). Awwwwww!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Born in Dublin with a heart condition, he grew up with a tumultuous childhood, spending some time in an orphanage and being permanently expelled from school at age 16. Happy to be out of school, he began spending time in a local pool hall where he was discovered by casting agents. I first fell for him when he played Elvis Presley in the mini series ELVIS. His most memorable role prior to 'The Tudors' was 'Bend It Like Beckham' in which he played the girl's soccer coach. Jonathan is currently making girls swoon with his portrayal of Henry the eighth - and my does he like lovely in a pair of tights!

Patrick Dempsey - Who can forget all the fabulous, yet dorky roles Patrick played in the 80's? Those of us who were big fans of 'Can't Buy Me Love' couldn't quite believe our luck when he appeared decades later as McDreamy. Patrick has worked constantly and consistently in the intervening years and it's great to see him achieve such success. Patrick is married with young children but his first marriage is the most interesting! At the time of his first marriage, he was 21 and his bride was 48. She was the MOTHER of his best friend! My, my Patrick - you look sooo innocent but clearly you are not.

So there are your lovely Irish boys in all their glory. Start deciding who you would shag, who you'd shack up permanently with and who you'd kick to the other-world. Can't wait to see which way you go. Remember you must choose one for each category.


dancing in beaumont said...

definitely a little tougher. Although there is something about Jonathan, sadly, kerpow, shot! Patrick Dempsey is so cute and sweet and perfect and yet, I find Colin Farrell so absolutely hot and sexy, and even if our marriage only lasted a short time I am thinking, it would probably be worth it!!! Therefore:


dancing in beaumont said...

oh bugger it, now i have to go to bed thinking of waking up next to Colin Farrell!!!!............

Lizeylou said...

This was actually easier than I thought - I am the same as K

Jenny said...

Girls, you can not tell me that a dirty shagging weekend would not be right up Colin's alley. I can't think of many men more suited to the dirty shag! Mc Dreamy is definitely the marrying kind and at least there is a chance of a stable loving relationship in that direction. I am with you though on the death of dear Jonathan. As much as I hate to sacrifice him, he loses out in a difficult field.
Root - Colin
Shoot - Jonathan
Marry - Patrick

Lesley said...

First of all didn't know that McDreamy was irish, so there you go! That stuff about his first marriage has turned me off a bit so he will have to go the shoot category. the rest is easy Colin - Root and Jonathan - Marry

Ally said...

ok I'll join the game ...... Always had a thing for Patrick and there is something about Colin's eyes that just say SEX SEX SEX
So Patrick - Marry Colin - Root and Jonathan - Shoot

Kell said...

After watching 3 Seasons now of The Tudors, I have to go root Jonathon,
Marry Mcdreamy and shoot Colin - (no real reason, other than he is the one that looks like he needs a good bath before.....)

Very Tough this one!

Jen said...

This one was so easy for me:

Root: Colin (can't resist a bad boy)

Shoot: Jonathan (saw him in an interview at some red carpet event and he seemed very weird. Or high. Or both.)

Marry: Patrick (Maybe it is just his character on Grey's but he definitely seems like husband material.)

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