Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mark Salling

J has a new flirt - not quite a crush - just the beginnings of a naughty flirtation. The man I'm tossing my hair for is the very arrogant, very hot Noah Puckington (Puck) from Glee.

I have just watched an episode where you see a softer side of Puck and I couldn't take my eyes off him. He appealed to me from the start but as he was far from nice I have been stifling my lust - now I am out and proud.


dancing in beaumont said...

i so love this song. it does make me love him a little bit more too!

great rendition of this song in the movie BEAUTIFUL GIRLS as well!

Lesley said...

is this from last weeks episode cos I haven't watched it yet. But oh I am on board, I so want to be in the Glee cast, I would love to break into song (if only I could sing)

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