Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HAIRSPRAY - The Musical

We, your Star's Hollow team, dragged ourselves away from our TV screens and movie seats and ventured out to see some live theatre last night - Oh and are we glad we did!

I think I am even going to claim that we saw the best musical performance I personally have ever seen (and I've seen a lot).  Big call I know but I stand by it.

Hairspray - The Musical has been touring the world on the back of the success of the 2007 movie and it's Australian incarnation is nothing short of amazing.
The creative team behind this production is the absolute cream of the crop and deserves a mention here -

Directed and Conceived by David Atkins OAM 
Choreography by Jason Coleman
Production Design by Eamon D'Arcy
Creative Director Digital Content - Robbie Klaesi
Producer Digital Content - Tracey Taylor

The cast is brilliant and relatively unknown which is actually a plus as you aren't distracted by personalities.  They all do justice to their characters and manage to bring out the pathos of their situations as well as the humour and joy that is a trademark of this story.

I can not even begin to explain what a visual feast this production is.  The use of digital animation is inspired and adds an entire new element to the show.  There are very few sets and props which allows the performers to get on with it, while the screens show an ever revolving cartoon-like world that also manages to add to the humour of the story. 

This is a show that needs to be seen again to truly take in all its elements.  I think I need to see it again to concentrate on the supporting cast, again to concentrate on the choreography, again just to watch Corny Collins facial expressions, and once again just to watch the screens.

Just brilliant and joyous.
(can I give 10 stars?)

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