Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have you seen THE TOWn yet?

If not, you must. What a seriously great film this is.

Written, directed and starred in by Ben Affleck. After watching this, you will forget about Pearl harbour, you will forget about Jenny from the Block, and you will forget about Gigli, Ben Affleck is back and deserves some serious film making recognition for THE TOWN.

The story is essentially a crime thriller, but its got heart and emotion and it takes you on a ride. I had heard it compared to HEAT, which is one of the best of this genre, and whoever compared the two, was right. This is a great film indeed. The story of four 'friends' who rob banks together, the FBI agent who is chasing them, and the girl who gets in the way!

You may have worked out, from previous reviews, but I am all about casting, and this is casting brilliance. Firstly and most importantly, cast yourself in a film you know will be great, good one Ben. Next, one of my girl crushes, Rebecca hall. I love this chick, she is beautiful and talented and I hope to see all future films starring her (if you are not familiar watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona or Frost Nixon). Jeremy Renner, who only popped up on my radar after seeing him in The Hurt Locker continues to impress as the bad ass bank robber. Even Blake Lively, is perfect in her role as a druggy, single mother. And Jon Hamm, as the relentless FBI Agent is sublime, I think the world maybe needs more Jon Hamm!

The whole bank robbing story is clearly not a new one, but THE TOWN makes it feel fresh. I left this film not wanting it to end, that doesn't happen very often.

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