Sunday, November 7, 2010

ARIAS 2010

I'd be interested in hearing anyone else's thoughts on the ARIAS this evening, but here are some of mine.

Firstly, what's with the steps? Ok, I get it that the public can then be included in proceedings but what about a stage so artists knew where they hell they were supposed to go and what they were actually winning. Random odd choices of presenters just popping up all over the place. It's an awards show, nothing wrong with a stage, a podium, a seated audience, a host, not so much wacky funster please. I think the producers were on whatever the Stones were on! By the way, I know a little of their music but haven't followed them as people so much, are they always like this? Were they stoned or is this usual Stones behaviour? (BTW have you heard Angus and Isabel Lucas have hooked up!)

Do we need Carmen Electra to present? Surely no one was tuned in just to get a glimpse of her? so she has kissed a rockstar, but that does not qualify her to present at an Australian music awards night.

I was promised in the Herald Sun today that there would be a James Freud tribute....hmmmmm....was that it? seriously? His face barely crossed the screen in the background and amidst the other hoo ha that wa sgoing on, i don't really think it was particularly appropriate.

Boy, I'm bitching tonight! I have watched the Arias for years, and it is a thankless task as they tend to get bagged every year, but this year particularly disappointed. where were the memorable 'moments'? I bet the producers were begging Axle Whitehead to drop his daks again just to add some excitement to the evening.

I'm sure there's more but that will do for now!!!!!


Cool Rider said...

Completely agree - the music was great but the show was dreadful - all over the place.
(I'm pretty sure Isabel met Angus through their dealer.)

Lesley said...

Shocking! Very disappointing, apart from Dan. It was too hard to follow and it seemed that no one really knew what they were doing. I was a little frightened by my lack of knowledge of the nominees, perhaps I should switch back from am to fm.

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