Saturday, November 6, 2010

‘I was naked a lot in the movie'

Oh lordy, am I looking forward to this film. Remember a few months ago and I had a Jakey obsession? It all started after the vision of him dancing like a fool in Russia, go here for a recap,
well i think the obsession is about to crank up again.

Jake and one of my fave girl crushes , Anne Hathaway, are on the promo trail for LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, and he is looking absolutely gorgeous, as is Anne (although I don't love the white frock below, she is pulling it off!) Of course they are good buddies from their time as lovers in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, and are happy to gush about how much fun the sex scenes were to film in this new flick. They talk music and rythm, it's all a bit much for a girl to think about really.

Anyway, I know people who have watched the film, and have assured me, that i will be all over it and that as Jake does state, he is naked alot!!! Sadly, jake won't make it to melbourne this time, but he will be in Sydney, so hopefully there will be plenty of photos to share when this happens.

The date for the LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS has just been moved to early December, so we don't have nearly as long to wait now!!!


Lizeylou said...

Naked is the best way to see Jake me thinks!

Ambi said...


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